5 Best Ways To Increase Reach and Visibility of Your Business Online

Getting top rankings is one thing, making money from top rankings is another. Regardless of whether your business is a large company driven to seize market share or a small business growing online, five strategies can maximize the position, web presence and profitability of your business. Here is the list of 5 Best ways to increase the reach and visibility of your business online using SEO and other techniques.

  • Ranking for the right keywords

Search engines, the ‘marketers of the internet’, can position a business next to customers and above competitors. Use of the right keywords increases the probability that a customer will click on your link, with some data showing that approximately 70% of users will select one of the first three listings produced by a search engine if they are to click through to any website.

SEO is here to stay. The recently introduced Google Instant relies on SEO being ranked for results, reinforcing the importance of a strategy to maximize SEO results. Traffic received at no charge, rather than payment per click, renders time and money spent to obtain top rankings lucrative.

  • A well designed website

Effective websites translate to profit, but precisely what constitutes a well designed website? As your online identity, website content should be relevant and engaging. It should be attractive and easy to navigate with visual elements positively influencing perception. Basic features, such as your telephone number, should be easily accessible. A headline with impact should appear on every page as should a call-to-action to spur your prospect to act.

Provide strong messages throughout – What you are offering? What sets you apart from your competitors?

  • A good offer

Even if your website is more visible than your competitors’ through SEO and good rankings, your visitors must be met with a ‘good’, meaningful offer. Your offer should be clearly expressed and prominently positioned. Too many of us know the frustration of wading through visual and verbal chaos to discover a concealed offer. On every page, sales elements should reinforce your message, provide the impetus to browse the site and demonstrate superiority to your competitors.

So promote offers that matter. Are your prospects looking for products or services that solve a problem? Save time or make money? Make life more comfortable or easy?

  • Lead-generation in preference to eCommerce

Online lead-generation circumvents leads that lack promise. It offers a higher conversion success rate than e-commerce as instead of a cold contact, your prospect has proactively submitted details before you receive the lead.

Growing in popularity, lead-generation presents benefits including: pricing controlled on a per lead basis and scope to target a geographical area or client group.

Ultimately, the conversion of leads to profit depends on the sales and marketing skills of your workforce; leads will be successfully converted if backed by the ability to follow through and close a sale.

  • Use of email marketing

Email marketing is valuable.  Capturing the email address of a visitor to your site enables regular communication with minimal cost and effort. Communication can be targeted – email offers can generate immediate action such as sales, downloads and inquiries. Informative communication can promote offline services and support branding and relationship development. A form available on every page for completion of details presents a strategic way to build a database of potential and actual customers.

These 5 ways to make SEO work will support your business to increase reach and visibility. In the digital age, businesses that fail to capitalize on the advantages offered by internet technologies surely face difficult times.

Guest Post by Tim Millett, an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including SEO.

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February 9, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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