4 Top Free Clipboard Managers For Mac

Regardless the fact that you have or haven’t realized the need of any clipboard manager for your Mac, I know that you need these kind of apps. These are the times when you almost every one does lot of texting and formal typing on your Mac machine. And this automatically calls for clipboard managers.

Lately, I have been looking for number of means to copy stuff, and hold them for a while so that I can use them as per my needs. And I know that only thing that could actually help me would be a good clipboard managers.

And in my pursuit to such help, I ended up with a small list of decent free clipboard managers for Mac. I have listed them below (alphabetically). Try them out and see if you could use them.

Top Free Clipboard Managers For Mac

4 Top Free Clipboard Managers For Mac


Its a pretty straight forward app which allows you to manage clipboard history. This free Mac app lets you store upto 8 items which could plain text as well as images. And to paste it, all you need to do is hit its shortcuts (use the default one or change it as per you wish from the preferences option), select your item and that is it.

In addition to it, you have hard save few things like your email address, user IDs or any other snippet that you use frequently. Its cool, right?

CopyLess Lite

Its actually a free version (the one with restricted features) of CopyLess. But the fact that its free version lets you manage 10 last copied items and 3 favorite items makes it a pretty solid deal (atleast for people like me, who do not wish to spend money on apps). You can copy plain text, images, and files. Its drag and drop feature & hotkey option to paste the item makes it a simple and user friendly copy manager for Mac.


Its an open source program which lets you handle your copied stuff gracefully. You can copy things and then use its menu bar or pop up bazel to get your thing copied. Its quick, simple and amazingly user friendly.

PTH Pasteboard

They (the developers) call it as the most matured clipboard manager around for Mac machine. With features like search field, right click action, hotkey support, filters, network synching and much more, their tagline surely stands true. You need to download it once and see if you can handle this advanced (as already mentioned).

Other than these four Mac apps, you would find dozens of solid clipboard managers but most of them are paid. I have listed the top free ones. I hope you would find them useful.

Happy Copy Pasting!

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April 2, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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