Top Features Of Mac OSX Mavericks And How To Get Them Right Now

Apple has announced in this year’s keynote that its latest OSX, Mavericks would be out this fall. This is the first time that Apple has come up with a non cat name for its OSX and surely creates some hype.

At one end you have Windows 8 which is by far the most advanced OS by Microsoft. And the fact that it is compatible for touchscreen computers, and tablets does make it a contendor for next big OS. Considering this market state, and being an Apple fan, my hopes does shoot high when I speculate about Mac OSX features.

In this post, I would be listing out some of the best Mac OSX Mavericks features that you can have on your Mac machine right now. Since fall is little away, we are listing out few Mac apps which would let you have some of the top features that Mavericks would have.

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Top Features Of Mac OSX Mavericks And How To Get Them Right Now

Calendar and Maps

I will not talk much about the new Calendar features on the new Mac, but I would recommend you to try Lion Tweaks,  which basically is a Mountain Lion and Lion tweaker. You can use this tool and tweak your calendar and much more things on your Mac.

Maps in this Mac OSX Mavericks, can be pushed on to your Apple devices. But the same can be done using third party tools like MyPhoneDesktop and SendToiPhone

Finder Tabs

A Mac user would know that the lack of extra tabs was one of the biggest disadvantage of Finder. No matter how powerful the overall Finder package is, but the fact that it wont let you access folders in tabs makes it powerless (atleast for me). And this was the reason that I started using apps like TotalFinder and XtraFinder to access folders and files in different tabs.

XtraFinder is a free app, and you will find it on Google. Whereas, TotalFinder is a paid app and is incredibly powerful. Check these apps out and start navigating files and folders in tabs on Finder.


iBooks might be a brand service that Apple would try to boast, but you can use Amazon Kindle service for the same. And the fact that Kindle also runs on your other devices like Android or Windows smartphone / tablets and Windows computers. Apple would surely strive hard to make iBooks a success, but only, time will reveal the actual answer.

iCloud Keychain

This is basically a service which lets you save your passwords on cloud. But we know that there are number of password managers available like iPassword, Passkey, Roboform and many more. But with iCloud Keychain, you can access your passwords on any Apple device.

Synchronized Notifications

Long before this feature was even introduced by Mac, a third party named, Growl used to serve to all such needs. It will not take much of time or efforts to install it.


This feature has been there with the Mac machines, but its quite evident that this feature has been pretty much unknown. In order to tag any of the file, all you need to do is right click on the file, and click on Get Info option. There you need to enter your tags in Spotlight Comments sections, and those tags can be typed in your Spotlight Search to find them.

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