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Apple iPad is nothing less than an epic and similar has been the story of Twitter. Here is the
list of top and best Twitter apps / Clients for Apple iPad. The microblogging platform ‘Twitter’ has become  a household  thing for each and every Internet user. And with iPad being the latest shining star in the tech world, using Twitter on Apple iPad is one essential requirement.

We list out the best Twitter apps compatible on Apple iPad, so that you can relish the amazing
Twitter experience on your gorgeous iPad.


Twitterific is an iPhone application which has been a huge hit among the other Twitter apps for
iPhone. And this version of Twitterific for Apple iPad is far more amazing. Below are some of
the features it offer:

  • Smooth handling of Tweets and lets you reTweet and send message with so much of ease
  • Displays Twitter based searches and view lists
  • Shows Tweets as conversational threads
  • Lets you handle your friend list with great comfort
  • Filter timeline for specific tweet types & trends
  • It also features number of functions such as re-tweet, link shortening, email & tweet translation


TweetDeck is one of few Twitter apps, which is popular among the Twitter users regardless the
platform. And TweetDeck is now avaible for Apple iPad users which is an optimized version. And the best part about this Twitter app is the fact that developers havn’t changed the way it used to work in order to maintain its user friendliness.

TweetDeck of Apple iPad has multiple columns and you can access multiple Twitter accounts. Replying, reTweeting and messaging is very wasy. This Twitter app for iPad lets you view user profiles and see recent updates.

This iPad App lets you manage the friend list on your Twitter account and features other additional features like URL shorteners, geotaging your tweets, adding Search columns and much more.

Osfoora HD

The best thing about this Twitter app for iPad is its user interface. Osfoora HD makes the best
of the gorgeous iPad display screen. The display mode and other elements of user interface of this
iPad app for Twitter can be customized.

Osfoora HD offers you with all the standard functionalites like tweeting, reTweeting, viewing profiles sending messages. Other feature of this iPad Twitter app is Instapaper integration which lets you save links for later reading.


No wonder this Twitter app for iPad has got a wierd name but it is quite basic when it comes to
its functioning. Using Heltweetica, you can tweet and retweet in both the old style and the new style from your Apple iPad.

This Twitter app features Instapaper which lets you read tweets in offline mode from you iPad. Using Heltweetica, you can search twitter, save your searches, and reload saved searches straight from your iPad display screen.


TwitBird is a popular Twitter app for iPhone. And its iPad version is avaiable in the market with
all the standard features letting you make the best of Twitter experience on Apple iPad.

And in addition to its standard Twitter funcationalities, this iPad app offers you with interesting
features like user friendly interface for managing Twitter account, Tweeting music, Tweeting your voice, Tweeting video, Custom background images, address book and a lot more.


Are you stunned by its name? Twitter has introduced its very own application for Apple iPad and this makes it worth using. This Twitter client is a killer iPad app as it makes use of iPad’s fluid and
breath taking touch interface.

This official Twitter app for iPad lets you handle all the Twitter elements with so much of ease
and using it is real fun. This Twitter client brings your Tweets together with web pages, photos, videos including Real-time search, Top Tweets, trending topics.


This Twitter client is avaiable for iPhone and now its there as iPad app too. Twittelator offers you with all the required functions that you require from a Twitter clinet.

Its user interface is a big hit which lets you handle your Twitter account which great ease. This
Twitter client lets you supports multiple account access. There are few more features offered by
Twittelator, which makes it worth using on your iPad which are customizable wallpapers,
post photo and audio tweets, discover nearby Twitter users, dispaying tweets in chat view and much more.

Other amazing and worth using twitter clients / apps for Appl iPad are



Tweetings HD

All these Twitter clients / apps are specially desgined for Apple iPads. And using them on your
incredible gadget offers you with a great Twitter experience.

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