Stream Spotify On Apple TV And iOS Devices

Spotify is the latest buzz on the planet. After rocking Europe, Spotify has impressed the users in US too. And if you are looking to stream Spotify on Apple TV and iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices, here is some help.

This is a detailed step by step guide which would help you stream Spotify on Apple TV and iOS devices. There are number of reasons why one should use Spotify, but I am not writing this post to endorse Spotify, so let me go ahead and tell you what I intend to.

Steps To Spotify On Apple TV And iOS Devices

Get yourself a Spotify Account

Getting a Spotify account is totally up to you. If you want to use an account created from free invitation or you wish to use the subscribed one, you can go ahead with either of the one as it wont matter. And you also need a Spotify client on your computer or laptop.

Once you are all set with an account and a client to run it on your computer, we are good to go ahead with it.

Set up your device

Now you need a nifty program called Airfoil for your Mac in order to get things going. Once you have it, go ahead and choose Spotify in the Airfoil application and choose the devices or Apple Airplay that you want to connect to. And then play music using Spotify.

Play Music On Apple TV and iOS devices

One of the biggest disadvantage of Airplay is that it can only send signals, cannot receive it. You can overcome this disadvantage by using an app called, Airfoil Speakers Touch which would let you play music on any iOS devices connected on network.

This is how you can play / stream Spotify on Apple TV and iOS devices. But make a note, this tutorial will only let you play Spotify on the devices connected on the network only.

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January 3, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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