Must Know Features Of iOS 5

Apple has recently announced the release of new iOS 5, the most advanced mobile operating system yet. And from 12thOctober, users have been allowed to download it for free.  It is expected that next versions of iPhone would come with iOS by default.

The iOS devices which could be fueled with this new “major release” are iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, as well as the iPad and iPad 2.

As promised, the new iOS 5 comes with a bunch of new features and the count easily exceeds 200. Let us dig into the details of some of its incredible features.

Must Know Features Of iOS 5

Notification Center

A brand new Notification Center is introduced and it consolidates all the system, phone and app notifications in a simpler manner unlike other iOS versions. This new Notification Center is introduced on the top iOS status bar, so that users can swipe down and check the list of notifications.

Besides that, this new notification center is also available on the iOS lock screen. And this allow the users to manage tasks with simpler and easier ways which makes this an incredible feature.

To-Do List App

Apple has also introduced a new to-do list app in iOS 5. You’ll be able to take notes in the app and schedule it to remind you at a specific time. This remainder app allows users to store in multiple lists and add location to them. With this app you can also sync reminders with other devices.

It also offers you with an interesting feature which syncs with the GPS of your device and reminds you whenever you reach any selected location. Now this is surely jaw dropping.

Integrated Twitter

Finally Twitter became an integral part of Apple with the release of iOS5. Users can easily tweet directly with photos, camera, you tube, maps, safari.

Upgraded Safari

Next important feature is upgraded Safari. Few improvements were done to Apple’s mobile web browser in its new operating system. A new “Reader” button will convert mobile web pages into a more readable format for the iPhone and iPad’s screens. And it’s the mobile version of Safari 5′s Reader feature on Macs). You’ll also be able to save articles so that you can read them later by adding them to Safari’s Reading List. Additionally, this version of Safari supports true tabbed browsing.


To compete with the BlackBerry’s messenger’s service, Apple has introduced “iMessage” service. By this any user with the device powered by iOS 5 can send unlimited messages to any user using the device with same operating system, using WiFi or 3G. And with this iMessage service you can send text messages, pictures, videos, group messages, contacts to any other iOS5 devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod. And the fact that it encrypts messaging technology makes the whole affair more safe.


Feature number 6 is “iCloud service”. This is similar to free 5 GB cloud storage option given to Ubuntu users. With this iCloud service, iOS user can avail the free Cloud storage up to 5 GB. Users can backup and restore the data from cloud through OTA. iOS 5 will automatically backup or sync, whenever the users check for the updates. iCloud advantage also includes uploading of images, videos, notes to cloud and can sync everything to any other iOS 5 device like ipad, ipod e.t.c.


A small change, yet very useful one, is done to its virtual keyboard. The keyboard is split into two pieces. This allows user to handle keyboard activities smoothly.


Enhanced maps is the must know functionality of iOS5. iOS maps app comes with a intuitive interface as well as the better functionality. And this innovative feature allows users to know the alternative routes in the Google maps. So users will never get frustrated for choosing long distant routes in Google maps from know.


Before concluding my guest post, I would like to introduce the biggest feature of this mobile world till date (not exaggerating) the SIRI, which apple has bought this app recently and included it in the iOS 5. Siri is a voice activated assistant which helps the users to use the iPhone without using hands (I intend to say controlling your device by your voice). You’ll be able to send texts, email, images, videos, tweets, make calls, get maps, get search results, know nearest restaurants or theaters, and whatever you can do with your iPhone.

Other important features updated to the iOS are enhanced camera control, enhanced contact features, enhanced email features, improved multitasking, enhanced game center, new weather widget and many. No doubt, this is the most powerful and advanced Operating System for mobile ever been invented.

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October 19, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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