List Of iTunes Error Codes And Solutions

We have been sharing a lot of tutorials on fixing iTunes errors. This time I am trying to shed some light on all the iTunes errors that we know. So, this is a compilation of most common iTunes Error codes and a brief description on the approach to fix those errors.

This article wont be offering you with complete guides to fix the iTunes errors but would give you some idea about it. The main purpose behind this post to make you aware of the reasons behind any errors.

itunes error codes

List Of iTunes Error Codes And Solutions

iTunes Error 1

This happens when you try to downgrade. So, you can restart your computer, and try to use a higher version of iTunes. This shall help.

iTunes Error 2

Sn0wbreeze 1.6 firmware has some issues. So it can be fixed by using its higher version or you can switch to Pwnage Tool.

iTunes Error 6

This error occurs when you try to downgrade things. Try switching to some other USB port and restart your iTunes or computer.

iTunes Error 13

There are basically 2 reasons behind the occurrence of this error. It is possible is something is wrong with the USB port and it also occurs when you try to install BETA version of iTunes for Windows which is actually meant for developers and could only run on Mac.

iTunes Error 14 and 17

Both these errors occur due to the failure of Custom firmware update. Error 14 occurs in case of Pwnage tool whereas the error 17 occurs in case of sn0wbreeze. In both the cases you need to restore the device with custom firmware and then update it.

iTunes Error 1014

This error could occur of any reason but the best way to fix it try using another USB port.

iTunes Error 1413, 1415, 1417, 1418, 1428

All thee errors can be fixed by restarting your computer, switching to some other USB port and then reinstalling the system.

iTunes Error 1600

You would encounter this error while you are on DFU mode and trying to restore custom firmware on the device. If you try to do the same on Recovery Mode, then you might not get this error again.

iTunes Error 1619

Whenever you switch into Recovery mode or DFU mode, your iTunes wont detect your iOS device. In such case, simply update your iTunes firmware and try again.

iTunes Error 2002

When this error occurs, iTunes fail to connect as it either disconnected to Apple Server or it is being used by some other progra,.

iTunes Error 11222

This error basically occurs due to Internet settings. Check with your LAN settings and uncheck the option labelled as use a proxy server. This could help.

These are some of the most common iTunes error that you come across. I hope this post could offer some help if you are fix errors on your iTunes

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