How To ZIP Files On Mac OS X

Why do you actually need a ZIP file? Well, it is a great way to compile up all the things together that you wish to share via mail or messenger. And if you are working on a Mac OS, you be skeptical about its creation. So, we bring you the step by step guide to ZIP files on Mac OS X.

Create ZIP Files On Mac OS X

STEP 1: First place all the files and folder that you want to ZIP in one single folder. Or you can hold the Command key and select all the files and folders that you wish to zip.

STEP 2: Now, hold the Ctrl key and right click on the folder that you wanted to zip. Or you can do the same on the selected files and folders.

STEP 3: Now, click on the option Compress.

Zip Compress in Mac OS X Leopard

STEP 4: Now you can see the status of the file compression, which are actually created in to ZIP archive.

STEP 5: Now at the same location, you could find a file named as This is actually the ZIP file that you have created on your Mac OS X.

STEP 6: Now rename it as you want and save it, share it or do what ever you want.

This is how you zip files on Mac OS X. So, follow this tutorial and even you can create ZIP files on you Mac OS with so much of ease.

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January 27, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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