How To Sync iPhone Contacts With Gmail

I always prefer to sync my contacts on all the services I use whether it would be my email account, mobile phone or Outlook because it always helps. Here, we would be talking on how to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail.

All you need to do is follow few simple steps and you would be easily able to sync / transfer your iPhone contacts to Gmail.

Sync iPhone Contacts With Gmail

Before we start with it, make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer because we would using iTunes to get it done.

Now, connect your iPhone to your computer and run the iTunes program on your computer and wait while it recognizes your iOS device.

Once it gets detected, click on the iPhone device on the left panel and then click on Info tab. Now check the option saying Sync Contacts with and click on the drop down list next to it and choose the option labeled as Google Contacts.

Now, iTunes would switch your contacts to Gmail which would take some time depending on the number of contacts and then it would display you with a new window where you need to click on Agree button.

Now, verify the credentials of your Gmail account, click on OK button and then click on Sync or Apply button on the bottom right corner of iTunes. Now take a breath as iTunes would now start to sync your iPhone contacts with Gmail and depending on the number of contacts, it would take some time to complete the whole transfer process.

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May 6, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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