How To Install Mac OS X Lion Guide

All you need is DVD of Mac OS X Lion or setup files for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, then you can kick start your mission to install Mac OS X Lion. We bring you the complete step by step guide to complete its installation on your Mac.

Step By Step Guide To Install Mac OS X Lion

First thing that you need to do is have a separate partition for your Mac OS X Lion. So, you need at least of 25-35GB of free space for the installation of Lion OS. Now, this makes you have a partition of such size.

If you have a partition of such free size, then you can go ahead with the further steps. If not, then you can click here to get complete guide to create a new partition on Mac. Now, since you have the partition, you can go ahead with the further steps to install Mac OS X Lion.

This step might not be a compulsory one, but we would recommend this action as it would save a good amount of your time and efforts. Here, you need to have app called Carbon Copy installed on your Mac, which is basically used in to clone all your SnowLeopard apps and data to your Lion OS.

To use Carbon Copy, choose the source disk as the disk on which SnowLeopard is installed and at target disk, choose the disk where you can to install Lion. And then click on CLONE button. Now, you can use this backup file to get all the data and apps on freshly installed Lion.

Now, click on the Lion Installer which will start the installation process. Then, it will prompt you to choose the drive where you want to install it. Select the drive where you want to get the Lion installed.

Just wait the whole installation process is complete and that is it. But here comes the twist as your Mac has both Lion and Snow Leopard installed on it, and how to set to a default operating system. To do that, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

  • There, it will show you the drives where OS has been installed. So, simply choose the appropriate drive which you want to the the default one.

Now you have set a default OS, but you want to switch on to the other OS. Then all you need to do is hold the OPTION button and it will let you choose between all the installed OS.

This is how you can install Mac OS X Lion and then dual boot Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard.

Happy Mac-ing!

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June 16, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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