How to Install Installous on iPhone / iPad

If you are an iOS device user, then you must have heard of Installous. And for those who have not heard of it, Installous is free iPhone app, which lets you install cracked apps on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

So we bring you complete walk through to install Installous on iPhone / iPad so that you can make the most of the cracked apps available on Internet.


Install Installous on iPhone / iPad

Before you start with the installation of Installous, you need to make sure that your iPhone / iPad is jailbroken. Here are number of ways to jailbreak your iOS device. And also install Cydia on your iOS device. Once you are

To start with, run Cydia from your iPhone. Once you do it, tap on the Manage option and then on the Sources button.

It implies that you need to add a new source to Cydia. So how to do it? For that, tap on the Edit button on the top right corner and then on Add button on the top left corner.

Now, you can simply enter the below URL in the provided field and tap on the Add Source button.

Once you do it, it might throw a warning message. If it does, simply click on the Add Anyway button.

Now, Cydia will handle the process as it downloads and installs all the required package. Once the process is done, simply tap on the button labelled as Return To Cydia. Now you will be again directed to the Cydia menu where you can find the as a package. So, tap on the Done button on the top right corner.

Now, tap on the package which would actually start with the installation of Installous app on your iOS device. So scroll down and tap on the Installous app, tap on Install button on the top right and confirm the same by tapping on Confirm button on top right corner.

This will start with the installation process and once done, tap on the Return To Cydia app. Now when you go the Springboard of your iOS device, you could spot the Installous app icon. Simply tap on it, start to search and download cracked apps for your iPhone / iPad.

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March 18, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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