How To Fix iTunes Error 3259

Did you ever encounter iTunes error 3259? Then here are few ways to fix iTunes Error 3259. This is one of those iTunes Errors which are not much talked about. Here are some of the occurrences of this error:

There was an error downloading your music (-3259)

iTunes could not connect to the Store. An unknown error occurred (-3259). Make sure your network connection is active and try again.

When trying to download purchased music, getting error -3259 message in iTunes

When trying to connect to the iTunes Store, getting error -3259 message

As it is clear that this error occurs when you are trying to download something. So, it is quite obvious that something is wrong with the firewall and stuff. In order to fix iTunes Error 3259, there are few ways. It is not that these are sure shot solutions for this problem, but this MIGHT work for you as it have worked for many.



Whenever you encounter this error, simply update your iTunes. This could work as it has worked for most of the similar cases.


One of its fix may be deactivating the firewall of your OS. It is very much possible that your firewall is not allowing you to download stuff from iTunes.


Every anti-virus have their own firewall which blocks unwanted programs. So you can either try to deactivate the EXTRA firewall offered by your anti virus program.


Sometimes, iTunes does not log out although you have logged out. So simply logout and login multiple times and try downloading again. Even this could solve your problem.

Let us know, which was the solution which actually let you to fix iTunes Error 3259. If you have any other solution, please leave comments and share with us.

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January 24, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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