How To Downgrade Mac OS X Lion To Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Lion has so many features that most of the users were looking in a powerful OS. But there might be reasons that you do not like it and want to switch back to Snow Leopard. Here is the guide to downgrade Mac OS X Lion to Snow Leopard.

It is not very difficult to get back Snow Leopard installed on your Mac. It is just that you need to follow these steps and you are done.

Steps To Downgrade Mac OS X Lion To Snow Leopard

First thing that you need to do is backup your Mac using Time Machine. We have already written about setting up TIme Machine on Mac.

Now insert the Snow Leopard DVD or bootable USB Drive whichever you have and reboot your Mac. And when starts to get rebooted, press the Option button on the keyboard.

Now on the boot screen you will a disk showing Mac OS X Snow Leopard, so just click on it and your Mac will try to boot from the drive that you have selected.

Now follow the instructions step by step which include choosing the language, clicking on Agree button, continue button and so on. And before starting with the installation of Snow Leopard, it would ask you to select the drive. So go ahead with the full partition if you do not have any partitions on Mac or else you need to go with the partition which has Lion installed.

So when it prompts you to choose the drive, click on the Utilities button from the Main Menu and the click on Disk Utility. From here you can format the partition which has Lion installed on it. And in case of full format, you can follow this guide as it would help.

Once formatted, that drive icon will turn to green from yellow. So just click on it and let the installation of Snow Leopard start. And once the installation is complete, just click on the Restart button. And follow all the instructions step by step.

Once the installation is complete, it would ask you if you want to restore your Mac back using Time Machine backup. So you can plugin your Time Machine drive and go ahead with restore from Time Machine.

This is how you can downgrade Mac OS X Lion to Snow Leopard on your Mac.

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August 19, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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