Flashback Trojan Removal Tool – Remove Trojan From Mac

Every computer user believes that a Mac does not need an anti virus program or any tool that would remove unwanted stuff like malware, trojan, virus, adware. But let me tell you that this believe is false.

The latest flashback malware trojan has already affected more than 550,000 Mac machines. And this is testimony to the fact that Mac machines are not free from any unwanted programs.

Flashback Trojan Removal Tool is a free program which would let you remove this malicious program. Mac OS X does not come with programs like Flash initially. So, when you try to install these program, you have to be careful with the website you use to install it.

If you choose to download such programs from untrusted websites, then the possibility of your Mac being infected also grows proportionally.

Apple has recently released its Java security update to fix this issue, but I am not sure how effective this particular update is as I have not tried using it. As per Apple, this update would take care of the loop hole which would actually cause the problem.

Flashback Trojan Removal Tool is available to download on Apple website. This update is recommended for all the Mac OS Lion users who have not installed Java on their Mac machine. People have suggested that this program would not remove all the flashback programs, but is good enough to take care of the common ones.

So, its better late than never. Download and install this flashback removal tool and ensure that your Mac is free from all the flashback trojan.

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April 16, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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