Basic Must Know Mac OS X Gesture Shortcuts

Lately I have been meeting quite a number of Mac owners. And I was surprised to see that many of them are unaware of most of the things that Mac is known for. In this post I would be talking about the Mac OS X gesture shortcuts.

Apart from keyboard shortcuts, there are number of things that you can do on your Mac using its trackpad and your fingers. I have tried to list out all the Mac OS X gestures that can be used to make your work more fun and efficient. And yes, if you think its a way to show off, then you are bang on.

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Basic Must Know Mac OS X Gesture Shortcuts

Gestures For Finder

Action Gesture
Navigate Back / Forward 3 finger swipe Left / Right
Increase / Decrease Thumbnail Size Pinch / Reverse Pinch In Cover Flow
Enter / Exit Full Screen Pinch / Reverse Pinch In Quick Look

Gestures For Safari

Action Gesture
Zoom IN / OUT Pinch / Reverse Pinch
Go Back / Forward 2-Finger Swipe Left/Right

Gestures For Apple Mail

Action Gesture
Go to PREVIOUS / NEXT page 3 Finger swipe UP or LEFT / DOWN or RIGHT
Increase / Decrease font size Reverse Pinch / Pinch

Gestures For Preview

Action Gesture
Rotate Image Rotate Clockwise or Counter Clockwise
Zoom OUT / IN font size Reverse Pinch / Pinch
Increase / Decrease Thumbnail Size Reverse Pinch / Pinch over cover
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December 23, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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