Are Apple’s New Products Really Worth Waiting For?

One of the questions being asked across both the technological and general consumer worlds at the moment is whether or not it is worth waiting for Apple to pull their proverbial finger out and finally throw us a bone? Of course, the bone in question is the tantalizingly meaty iPhone 5, or perhaps its slightly bigger brother the iPad3 – both of which currently exist in a world of rather mystical fantasy. These days, everybody knows what an iPad is, what an iPhone is and exactly how much they would like to get their hands on both. However, with a veritable armada of alternative options from perfectly reputable manufacturers, is it really worth sitting back patiently on behinds while waiting for Apple to make their minds up? Indeed, with absolutely no indication from Apple as to their intentions or timeframe for either device, the current waiting period is quite literally immeasurable, so it is really worth carrying on while being left in the dark?

Well, many would argue no – citing Apple as having dug their own grave by testing the patience of loyal followers too far, who now have little choice other than to turn to the Android camp for their Smartphone needs.

I, on the other hand, would side with the contrary as I firmly believe that the reasons to employ a little further patience for either device will be fully worthwhile, as I will go on to explain.

iPad 3

There are essentially two separate groups of individuals that are guaranteed to be blown away by the iPad 3 – those being the owners of current tablets across the board and newcomers to the market with no current device to speak of. Correct, as the most insightful reader will have surmised, the groups technically include everyone the world, which is exactly who the iPad 3 is set to astonish when and where it finally sees the light of day.

Spec-wise, the newest iteration of the iPad looks set to continue the Apple way of mirroring previous devices in a fully beefed-up way, retaining all of the most loved aspects and adding new essentialities that users may not yet be aware of the essentiality of.

So why continue waiting in light of the alternatives available?

When considering the alternatives, there is only really the BlackBerry PlayBook, the HP TouchPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that really warrant a mention and, as 99.9% of owners would testify, all do not quite measure up to the overall experience of the iPad2. As such, with no significant hardware updates expected from any of the other three key players, it can only be assumed that the iPad3 will simply enlarge an already sizeable shadow encompassing them – which is really not something any buyer would be wise to invest extensive funds in.

Of course, if you have the kind of cash to simply buy and dispose tablet PCs on a whim, feel free to satisfy your curiosity in the meantime, but with an ever more likely release date of October 2011, a few more weeks for the true crowning glory surely isn’t going to kill anyone.

iPhone 5

In the case of the iPhone 5, few people the world over could possibly be unaware of exactly how revolutionary Apple’s Smartphone offerings turn out to be year after year, attracting a level of hysterical anticipation even before a single concrete spec is released. 2011 is no exception, with increased power, screen size, abundant functions and the possible inclusion of NFC technology already stirring up a frenzy in the rumor mill.

Indeed, why to buy an iPhone is almost a rhetorical question, but is it really worth continuing to grasp in the dark without any confirmed release plans?

In a single word… yes! Apple may have done a remarkable job keeping mum about the whole iPhone 5 subject, but an array of other clues and ‘leaks’ from within the industry have all but spelled out for is in black and white that the iPhone 5 is to land long before the summer is a distant memory.

Would Apple release iOS 5 in September without a platform to run it on? Of course not! What are the chances of numerous entirely separate reports from the east indicating that a massive gear-up process for production is already underway? Minimal too say the least. Lastly, with no mention of plans to dedicate September to the usual iPod range refresh… what could possibly be set to take its place?

Worth waiting another few weeks for? You bet it is.

Susan writes on behalf of reclining sofas specialist In her spare time, she enjoys breaking gadgets in order to figure out how they work. While she always succeeds on the former, the latter is rarely accomplished.

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July 9, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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