7 Must Have Widgets For Mac Dashboard

Widgets are actually meant for getting few things quickly, especially if you do that stuff quite often. I could never exploit the best of Mac Dashboard feature until I found some good widgets for it. So here I am, sharing few must have widgets for Mac Dashboard.

These widgets would surely make few things on your Mac easy. Apart from that, have good Mac dashboard widgets will give your Mac a high tech look. So regardless you are tech savvy or not, these things will make your Mac machine look like a mean machine and you as a gizmo man.

7 Must Have Widgets For Mac Dashboard


I use Google Maps a lot and find this widget a pretty useful resource. So, I need not get on to my browser and hit Google Maps to find routes. I can now straight away check out this Mac dashboard widget and explore routes.

iStat Nano

This nifty Mac app displays some of the basic information on your Mac which include Consumption of CPU resources, Memory, Macintosh HD, Temperature, Fan speed, Data In and Out, Uptime. If you want to dig into these details to get more about what’s happening inside your Mac.


This dashboard widget for Mac lets you do conversions from one unit to another. Its fast, easy to use and non sense free. So, it gets your job of converting units done in no time.

Recently Added Widgets

If you prefer updating your Dashboard every now and then, this widget is a must have for you as it displays you with the 20 latest additions to the library of Dashboard widgets for Mac.


This is a widget for Mac Dashboard which searches for lyrics for every song that is being played on iTunes and few other programs and displays you with the lyrics. It also lets you edit the lyrics so that you get read the correct time from next time.

Twitter Search

If you are a Twitter fan, then this is a must have Mac widget for you. If you want look for something specific on Twitter, then type in here and let this widget take care of the search job and will display you with its results. A handy resource for every Twitter user.


I have a very bad memory and I cannot remember the keyboard shortcuts until and unless I use them on regular basis. So this leaves no point in updating myself with more and more shortcuts everyday as I would forget them eventually. If you live with a similar disorder, xCuts is for you. This Mac widget lets you organize your keyboard shortcuts so that you can refer it whenever you want.

If you are aware of any other Dashboard widget for Mac, which you believe should have been listed here, just comment and share the widget with us.

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March 7, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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