5 Best Tips To Use SIRI On iPhone 4S

SIRI is one of best features ever offered by Apple. SIRI is the digital assistant on your iPhone 4S which is basically a voice command based voice assistant.

There are number of features which make SIRI quite amusing. The fact that it lets you have pointless conversation with it is one of those incredible features.

It is not like any another voice assistants that you have used so far. It is far more advanced and far more intelligent than any other similar apps. We have compiled a list of few tips for SIRI which would enhance your experience as a user. All these SIRI tips would help you make the best of this incredibly advanced digital personal assistant of yours.

5 Best Tips To Use SIRI On iPhone 4S

Edit Your Voice Commands

It is not that SIRI is completely error free. There are times when it does not hear your voice properly. So, instead of going with the voice command (with error), you can simply tap on it which would allow you to edit it.

So whenever you see that SIRI heard you wrongly, all you need to do is tap on your message and it will give you the control to edit it using the virtual keyboard.

Tweet Using SIRI

In order to Tweet using SIRI, all you need to do say is Send a message to Twitter that I am getting bored. Then it would tweet as I am getting bored. All you need to do is make sense while speaking.

What Should SIRI Call You

SIRI calls you by your first name. What if you want it to use some other name, say Gun Shot. All you need to do is activate SIRI and say, “Call me Gun Shot”. And after the confirmation, it would be calling you Gun Shot.

Update Facebook Status

SIRI also lets you update your Facebook status. Say Send a message to Facebook and say What’s Up. It would update your Facebook status as, What’s Up. So all you need to is talk clearly and properly.

Use Relationships

How about asking SIRI to Call your Doctor, rather than using the name that you have saved in your contacts. In such case, you can tell SIRI about your family, friends, and relationships. Like, Robin is my Doctor. Now whenever you mention Doctor, SIRI would treat it as Robin and perform the requested action.

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October 20, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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