5 Best Games For Mac OS X

If you have a Mac and looking for games for Mac, then you surely might have to spend some time on Internet to check out the the best ones. Yes, it is a known fact that all the mainstream games are not available for Mac because the number of Mac users are quite low when compared to Windows.

Despite of all these reasons if you still want to play games on Mac and looking for one, we have a compiled a list of best games for Mac OS X based on the rating and popularity. I am sure that this would help every Mac gamer reading this.

5 Best Games For Mac OS X | Top 5 |


This is one those games which would bring chills in your spine because of its story line and graphics. You play as a character who wakes up in a castle who does not remember anything, not even his name. Then he fights his memory, flashbacks, fear and a shadow that is following him.


One need not tell about the influence of Angry Birds in the gaming industry. It easily broke all the existing records in terms of sales, fans and popularity. It actually started on iOS, later to Mac and then on the almost all the platforms present. It might not be as comparable to the high end graphical games, as it belongs to a complete different league. I surely call it a must have Mac game.


You might have surely heard of the game, Diablo II. And Torchlight is actually marked as the smaller, simpler and smoother version of it. This action packed RPG game is seriously addictive. You get to play as one of the three characters mentored by Syl who lost her mentor under the city of Torchlight. The beneath of the city of Torchlight is filled with all the mysterious magical things.

LEFT 4 DEAD Series

Both the releases of the zombie killing game are equally interesting. If you love games where you need to fight against zombies, and do not mind blood shed, then these are the games for you. With interesting levels and high end graphics, Left 4 Dead series is the game to lay your hand on if you are looking for a good game for Mac.


Unlike most of the games, this version came out with the releases for all other platform releases. The story behind this game is about the events that occurred after the 4 years of actual Stracraft events. It is an interesting sequel involving better and bigger weapons. If you have played its previous version, then you would love this sequel.

These are surely the 5 best games for Mac but again it is completely subjective as it is a question of your taste. You would only love these games if you prefer playing any genre. But this list of top Mac games must have to be looked at.

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September 13, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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