5 Best Free Alternatives To MS Paint For Mac

There are number of things on Mac which thrill you. Once you start using Mac, you definitely feel powerful but there are things which would miss for sure. One of those things is MS Paint. You have been using Windows since your early days, and when you switch to Mac, absence of Paint would hurt you. So, here are few free alternatives to MS Paint for Mac.

We would be compiling a list of best possible MS Paint alternatives for Mac. And all these Paint tools for Mac would offer you with all the features that MS Paint does on Windows. While working on Windows, you might not have never felt its importance but once you switch to Mac, I would not be surprised if you feel the pinch in ts absence.

5 Best Free Alternatives To MS Paint For Mac

My Paint

Now, My Paint is a good MS Paint alternatives for Mac. It offers all the required drawing tools with different brushes, shapes and sizes. Its fast, easy to use and a bit different as it lets you create your own brushes. This is what which would force you to try it once.

Open Office – Draw

Whenever it comes to office tools for Mac, Open Office do come as survivor. So, Open Office Draw might be the just what you are looking for. If you want to make posters, paintings, charts, graphs or anything that needs drawing tools, Open Office Draw is the paint for Mac.

Paint Brush

If you are looking the perfect Paint tool for you, then Paint Brush is the one for you. The developers used the tag line, Paint For Mac OS X for its promotion. Whether it would be interface, features and the whole package itself, Paint Brush is THE alternative to MS Paint.


Well, Pixen would not be the what you are looking for. But you might love it because it is far more powerful than MS Paint. It is more like a Photo Editor for Mac. So it is recommended to give it a try. You never know, you might love it because it is an advanced version of the tool yo were looking for.


Now Seashore is a very good painting tool for Mac. It features almost all the basic functionality which include brush, color picker, drawing tools, eraser etc. It would just cater to all your painting and drawing needs. 

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June 21, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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