4 Best Ways To Run EXE Files On Mac

Lets face it. Regardless the fact how anti Windows you are or how much you like dmg files for Mac, there will be times when you would need to run exe files on Mac, and its inevitable.

Until I had a Windows computer accessible, I did not really realize the need to run or install EXE files on Mac. But last week, I was stuck in this situation of running an EXE file and found my self helpless and hopeless when I realized that it isn’t an easy task.

But soon I did find a few number of ways to execute EXE files on Mac. And within no time, I was able to run my favorite Windows programs on my Mac, which was truly incredible.

In this post, I would like you to share all the possible ways to run EXE files on Mac. Once you are done reading this post, I am sure that you would straight away equip your Mac with your favorite apps that you believed could run on Windows only.

3 Best Ways To Run EXE Files On Mac

Extract EXE Files

Now if your only purpose behind running an EXE file on Mac is to find the files that have been packaged with it, then you can extract its files.

Try out an app named, File Juicer which has been developed to handle exe files. Now it does not mean that it would run the exe files as it is supposed to run. Instead, it would unpack all its contents and would offer you the images, Flash games, animations, ZIP files, RAR files that the particular EXE file had.

Try Emulators

Emulators have always offered the smooth and easy way to run incompatible programs by generating the required environment. Programs like Guest PC, iEmulator, “Q”, Virtual Box would create the required environment and would let you run EXE files on Mac.

Use Virtual PC

The best way to run any Windows file on Mac is to setup up a Windows virtual PC on your Mac and get going. Once you are done with this setup, you need not restrict yourself to DMG files as you can run every one of those files that you could run on Windows.

You would need to make use of the utilities like Boot Camp and VMWare Fusion. Now I would not like to quote utilities you should use because there are quite a good number of ways to setup virtual Windows PC on Mac.

Use WineBottler (Best Way To Run EXE Files)

This beautiful journey of Wine started with Linux and now has reached Mac too. This outstanding app lets you run Windows programs on Mac.

Once you download and install WineBottler on your Mac you will find three options, Install Predefined Prefixes (where you can straight install number of popular Windows programs straight away), Create Custom Prefixes (where you can make use of any EXE file that you want to run on your Mac), and Existing Prefixes (where you can access the processed EXE files).

These are the best 4 ways to run EXE files on Mac. You can go through all these ways, do some thinking and try out the ways that you want.

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April 2, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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