4 Best Free Security Apps For Mac

Regardless the machine and operating system you are working on, security is one of the prime concerns of any user. So, if you are working on Mac, your personal information and data is equally under danger than any other user working on any operating system.

I have listed some free security apps for Mac which would ensure that you are working under secure environment. Yes, Mac is considered to be a safer operating system than Windows, but this does not allow you to not bother about safety and security concerns of your Mac.

The importance of your security parameters would not vary whether you are working on Mac or on any other operating system. I have landed onto this post because I have lately realized that although I work on Mac, I do need apps to tighten up the security and safety junctions of my Mac.

4 Best Free Security Apps For Mac


Adeona is an open source application which is basically anti theft program. Using this program, you can track your MacBook if in case it gets stolen. The fact that it lets only YOU to track your machine ensures that no body else does not make the unethical use of this app. In addition to its robust tracking mechanism, this anti theft app for Mac captures pictures using its camera and send it to you when connected to Internet.


I have always thought that I do not need an anti virus while I am working on Mac. But having one wont hurt anything. ClamAV is a free and decent anti virus program for Mac which would ensure that your machine is not affected by any virus, trojan or malware. It is meant for Mac only, so you can expect regular updates.


Cleaning junk and useless files is one of the most important daily chores of every computer user regardless the operating system you are working on. Once you get rid of files in cache, temporary Internet files, etc. you will straightaway realize its better performance.


If you want to encrypt any particular file, files inside a directory or the whole volume, then try out SecureFiles. There are number of such apps available, but this is the best free option available. Once you encrypt your files, you can use the volume the normal way.

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April 11, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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