4 Best Free MP3 Cutter For Mac

Now, Mac is a totally new operating system for you and working on it is equally different that the Windows OS that we have been used to. When I switched to Mac, i started looking for basic software that I always used to have on Windows and then began my search for free MP3 cutter for Mac, and luckily I have come across many.

We have made sure that you have enough options to choose your default way to cut MP3 on Mac or rather say split MP3 on Mac. So, whenever it comes to cutting, splitting, cropping MP3 files or making ringtones on Mac, these tools would surely come handy.

4 Best Free MP3 Cutter For Mac


Here is an Open Source program which is very much compatible on Mac OS as it is on Windows and Linux. It wont be wrong to label it as one of the most powerful music editor available. And the fact that it is free makes it totally amazing. Apart from cutting audio files, there is much more that can be done on Audacity. This is a highly recommended tool.


This app comes with every Mac. So, why to look for any third party tool when Garage Band can do it for you. All you need to do is add the audio file that you need to cut into the new project, click on the time bar until where you want to cut it and then click on Edit > Split button. It is easy right? So you can use Garage Band to cut MP3 files on Mac.


Confused, surprised, stunned? iTunes is more than a media player. We have already shared a complete step by step guide to split MP3 files on Mac.


This is free tool for Mac which lets you handle your tasks like trimming, cutting, splitting MP3 files on Mac. The best part about this program is that it is easy to use, very handy and totally free. A deadly combination I would say. And the fact that it is developed for Mac only makes it more impressive as developers get to concentrate on this very fact.

Apart from these ways you can also stumble to other ways to split or cut MP3 files on Mac. So do share the free MP3 Cutter for Mac if you have been using them.

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July 14, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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