10 Spotlight Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac OS X

Spotlight is undoubtedly one of the better things which have happened to Mac OS X. And I would be surprised to find any one who does not like using this.

And with knowledge of Spotlight keyboard shortcuts, I am pretty sure that you would make the best use of Spotlight on Mac OS X. We have compiled a list of 10 best keyboard shortcuts for Spotlight. And once you are done reading about them, I am pretty sure that you would start using most of them.

10 Spotlight Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac OS X

  • Command + Space    :    Open Spotlight bar
  • Command  + Option + Space   :   Open Spotlight on Finder
  • Escape   :   Close the Spotlight bar
  • Escape (twice)   :   Cloe Spotlight Menu
  • Return   :   Open the first search item
  • Command + Return   :   Open the location of the first search item
  • Up and Down Arrows   :  Navigate search results
  • Command + Up and Command + Down   :   Jump across categories
  • Command + I   :   Get Info about any search item
  • Command + Option while hovering using mouse cursor   :  Displays paths in search results

These are the 10 Spotlight Keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X that I am aware of. If you are aware of any which has not been listed up here, please share with us.

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March 13, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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