3 Free Karaoke Apps For iPhone, iPod, iTouch

Well, who doesn’t like singing? Whether it would be singing to impress someone, singing alone, or singing like I DONT CARE in a group, everybody does like singing. You must have come across times when you wish to have a Karaoke setup while you are hanging around with your friends and you have nothing but […]

Is iPhone 5S Waste Of Money?

I am a huge self proclaimed Apple fan, and have always stood by the fact that Apple’s product are worth your money. But I always had doubts about iPhone series. Not that I did not like iPhone or appreciate it, but that fact that similar smartphones were and are available for lesser prices makes this […]

Best Ways To Stream Torrent Without Downloading

This is one of those things you always have in your mind while downloading a movie using some torrent that whether you could check if its worth downloading or not. The another use of this trick is to watch movie online (stream movie online), straight from a torrent. Sounds interesting, right? You would be surprised […]

3 Ways To Disable Seen At Time On Facebook Messages

Yes, WhatsApp and Facebook are my two most favorite means to keep in touch with my buddies, but there is one thing in common between these services which I hate, and probably all of the users hate. And the feature which I have been talking about is that it lets the other person (recipient ) […]

How To Block Apps From Starting On Windows

You can make use use startup snapshot to control which apps to be launched and which are not to be launched. But you need a full proof way to do it as there are many apps which get launched while you are in middle of something. Now I cannot point out instances when exactly this […]

How To Start And Stop Windows Automatically

I have recently shared a post on starting and stopping Mac automatically.¬†And this post is just the continuation of the previous post. How many times have you felt the need of scheduling automatic startup and shutdown of your computer? I am sure that you have been through this idea quite a number of times, and […]

How To Start And Shutdown Mac Automatically

I have not turned my Mac off since past 3 months and its running like a champion. But there have been times when I wanted my Mac to be turned OFF or turned ON automatically. I am sure that you have felt such need (atleast once), to get your Mac started on its own or […]

7 Best Ways To Watch NFL Online For Free

Long long back (some 2 years back), I wrote a post on 7 best ways to watch NFL online for free. I have recompiled the whole list, validated them and listed them below. Dozens of websites get banned every day for N number of reasons. In 2 years, hell lot of things have changed on […]

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