How To Fix “Cannot Install The Software For Printer” On Mac OS X

I got this error popped on my MacBook’s screen when I was trying to add my friend’s printer to it. Installation was all going fine, and suddenly I got a small Window popped up onto the screen saying, “Cannot Install The Software For Printer“. Apparently, I used to same driver disk which he used to […]

How To Create Your Own RUN Commands

I have recently put a list of must know RUN commands on my blog. And continuing my posts on Windows RUN Commands, I would like to share one more simple trick to create your own RUN commands. Why would you actually need to create a RUN command of your own? Well, you might not want […]

Must Know RUN Commands In Windows OS

RUN utility is one of the best features offered by Windows OS. Since its introduction, shortcuts savvy people have been loving it. Whether it would launching any software, application or any Windows snapshot, RUN commands have been the first option for many. If you belong to the Windows run commands fan club, then you must […]

Online Shopping – A Boon Or A Curse

With the passing days, more and more interesting things are being introduced to us and thanks to technology for most of these things. One thing I love about online shopping is the free classifieds where you can sell and buy second hand stuff.┬áIn this post we would be talking about Online Shopping. The debate of […]

Must Know Tips To Troubleshoot PC Games Issues

Although gaming consoles have being become quite popular, but there is still a good percentage of gamers still playing on computers. And this post is dedicated to all PC gamers where I would be sharing some nice tips while troubleshooting issues while playing PC games. Whether it would be your DOS games, or high end […]

How To Transfer Files To iPhone Without iTunes Using VLC

Regardless the fact that you like using iTunes or not, you have surely come across the times when you wish to transfer files to iPhone without iTunes. For an instance, you are at your friend’s place, you love a video or a song and wish to have that on your iPhone. But you also notice […]

How To View Saved Passwords On Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari

I know that it might not be an ethical post to share, but there must have been times when you need to know password of your own account, but somehow you are not able to reset it. I am sure that there might have been instances when you try to remember your saved password, but […]

Top 6 Unknown Fun Websites – Interesting / Addictive Websites

The planet has gone digital and I wont be wrong if I say that Internet has become a part of everybody’s life. Whether it would be at your office, at your home, on vacation or any damn situation, you will always need the Internet to your life going. Apart from using it while we are […]

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