Top Free Apps To Customize Skype – Free Skype Addons

Skype is surely the most popular ( and possibly the best), audio or video chat service available. Its been a while that Skype has been ruling the video calling market, and there hasn’t been any other web service replacing it. Very few are aware that Skype has its own app market like Android, iOS and […]

2 Ways To Track Your Email – Check If Your Email Has Been Read

As we all know that Facebook, WhatsApp and many other messaging lets you know if the other person has read your message your not. If an Instant Messaging service can do this, then why can’t our email service do the same? How many times have you realized the need to find out if your email […]

Oxygner – Virtual Keyboard For Windows – Anti Keylogger

Oxygner may not be an actual anti keylogger, but its purpose is to make the keylogger (if any on your computer) powerless. If you ask me, Keylogger is one of the biggest threat to any modern day computer user. Keyloggers sit on your computers in the form virus or malware and silently tracks the keys […]

4 Must Know Windows Registry Hacks – Part 1

When we say HACK, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is something illegal. But here, Windows Registry Hacks are not any illegal hacks, these are infact Windows Registry tricks which would let you make your Windows machine more useful. These tricks wont do any thing extra ordinary. But the fact […]

How To Run Internet Explorer On Mac

If you own a Mac, then you might have noticed that there are number of applications that won’t run on it because they only compatible ¬†on Windows. I am sure that this harsh fact sickens you. Even though you have spent so much on your laptop, no doubt its better than any other laptop in […]

Mac OS X Tip – Change Computer Name On Mac OS X

You need to change the name of your Mac machine, and that is the reason that you ended on to this post. Changing computer name was never a difficult task. Whether it would be Mac, Windows or any other OS for that matter, changing the computer’s name is not a big deal. The only reason […]

Music For Your Mood – Free Online Streaming

Music is the food for your soul and I am not sure if there is anybody on this planet who won’t agree to it. You would agree to this fact that finding right music at right time will make you fall in love with the band / artist. And no wonder, when you get to […]

How To Add Special Effects On Audacity – Tips And Tricks

They say Stronger Stay For Longer, and this quote stands strong in the world of technology. And Audacity is a perfect example for that quote. There are hundreds (or may be thousands) of audio editors, but Audacity is still rated as one of the best audio editors even though its free. I have shared a […]

5 Best Free Accounting Software For Small Business

Computers have surely made our lives easier. In my opinion, one should use computers wherever possible because that would only make things better. Computers have become an integral part of any business. And if you ask me, why should it just be restricted to medium scale and large scale hospitals. If you are running a […]

Must Know Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac OSX And Windows

Shortcuts are the life line of every multi tasker, and every person working on computers is a multi tasker. Every keyboard shortcut saves some time and efforts, and when you make use of all the keyboard shortcuts you know, you will realize that you have saved a considerable amount of time and efforts. We have […]

How To Connect To Office VPN On Mac

This is one of those features that every Mac owner who is with corporate world wants to learn about. Except for few handful of corporate firms, every company has its own network. And when you wish to access those secured corporate networks on your home / personal laptop or computer, you need VPN to set […]

11 Best Free Ways To Speed Up Mac OS X

We might have already shared ways to speed up Mac OS X, but as your OS gets updated every now and then, you should also be ready with new and better ways to speed up your operating system. Sometimes going beyond the conventional ways helps. And in case of speeding up the operating system, you […]

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