Few Must Know Tips And Tricks For Apple iCloud

It has been more than an year that iCloud has been introduced to the world, but I doubt if people have been using it to the full potential. As they say, there are so many things on this planet that you let go because of ignorance. And while you explore, you would realize that there […]

How To Stop Windows From Restarting After Updates

This is one of those Windows characteristics which has been there in the existence since the Windows XP days. Yes, we are talking about the fact that Windows throws up a notification that it would restarting in 15 minutes. These are the times when your heart slips to your mouth especially when you notice that your machine […]

2 Best Ways To Find And Remove Similar or Duplicate Images

There are number of programs available on Internet which would help you find and remove duplicate files on the computer. I have shared number of posts on removing duplicate files you can check them once, may be you find something useful in those posts. What basically those programs do is they scan the metadata of all […]

3 Best Ways To Delete Duplicate Songs From iTunes On Mac

I have always respected storage regardless I had enough space on my hard disk or not. And trust me, even 1 MB makes a difference. If you can spend some time on iTunes and see the number of duplicate songs you have, you would be shocked. And by deleting all the multiple songs, you can […]

XnRetro – Add Vintage Retro Effects To Photos On Windows / Mac

According to me, photography is all about clicking a photo and editing it intelligently. If you really want to get the best out of any image, you have to edit it appropriately. And adding retro effects to photos is one of the best trick in the books. If you have been trying to add some vintage […]

GPU Monitor – Monitor / Test Graphics In Real Time

This is not one of those tools that you would be using every day, but is surely one of those tools that you would like to have whenever you are testing your machine’s hardware. GPU Monitor is a small program to monitor graphics card constantly in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the unit […]

QuiteThyme – Upload Books And Access From Any Device

How many times have you come across the situation when you wish to have a particular ebook of yours on your friend’s device or computer? I guess, the number would be high. Here is a solution for such situations. QuiteThyme is a free web service (yes, it offers many paid versions also), but its free […]

Kloudless – Upload Gmail Attachments To Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

World has been going on cloud lately. With Internet becoming an easily available commodity, having your important files on saved on the cloud would surely make your life easier. Since you get some limited storage for free on most of the Cloud Storage services, you can make use of such accounts and get your Gmail […]

Piccure – Best Way To Unblur Images And Fix Out Of Focus

Fixing bad images is one of the most difficult task. And unless you are good with any of the Advanced Photo Editor, you cannot fix any blurred images or out of focus images. If you are good with tools like Photoshop, then you can easily unblur images. But what if you are not at all […]

How To Copy Paid Apps From One Windows 8 PC To Other

I am not one of those who believe in buying apps, but there are dozens of apps in the market which are worth buying. And people do buy them as those apps makes their lives easier. But, paying again for the same app to have it on your another machine does not really makes sense. […]

4 Best Free Ways To Send Big Files On Emails

Whether it would be your official email or the personal emil service, you cannot send a file bigger than 10MB (in some cases you might get an increase the size, but that would be nominal). What if you wish to send a huge file? Yes, we do have courier services available. We can definitely get them […]

How To Remove Stains & Acne From Photos Easily

If you are Photoshop user, then removing stains, acne marks or any other marks is a piece of cake. And I know that you are not a Photoshop expert, that is the reason you have ended on to this tutorial (I know, that’s smart). Once you are reading this article, you will realize that removing […]

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