Free License For Kaspersky AntiVirus 2013 For 1 Year

Who does not life giveaways? And when you happen to your favorite stuff for free, its just pure bliss. Kaspersky is my favorite anti virus program, and just like millions of Internet users, even I do not like paying money for software. If you have been looking for a free and powerful antivirus program, then […]

3 Best Ways To Pick Colors From Image

Its pretty obvious that you are new to the image / photo editing and stuff, and that is the reason you are looking for ways to pick colors from an image. Suppose that you have an image in your machine, or may be you have its URL and now you wish to pick color from […]

How To Protect From Keylogger On Windows – Anti Keylogger

This is definitely one of those articles which you would want to read once as you might find something really useful here. You must of heard of keylogger. Well, its a program which records your keyboard activities on your machine. It means, when you typing your email account passwords, bank pins and other confidential stuff like […]

How To Export RSS Feeds From Google Reader & Import RSS Feeds

Google Reader would be turning its power off on 31st June, 2013. And all the Google Readers are expected to find their alternatives (check out my Google Reader alternatives list). And make sure that you get the backup of your RSS feeds done. Having an export of RSS feeds from Google Reader will let you […]

How To Get Reminder On New Album Releases

This is one of those services 8 out of 10 people on Internet would like to make use of. I am talking about ways to get reminder on new album releases. Sometimes it becomes tough to keep an eye on all the latest releases of your favorite artists and bands. There are number of smart ways to […]

How To Share WiFi Without Password

There must have been times when you do not wish to share the password of your WiFi connection, but have to share your WiFi. And if sharing password is your biggest concern than sharing your Internet, then you should continue reading this post. There was an instance when my neighbor bumped into my room and asked […]

How To Set Up System Audio Equalizer For Mac OS

If you like playing with the audio configuration, then an equalizer is a must for you. Mac machine lacks the centralized equalizer that the Windows OS has. Every media player or audio player has its own equalizer but there isn’t any system wide feature for Mac. In this post, I will help you set up […]

Best Ways To Send Self Destructing Email

You might have thought about it but would have let it drift from your mind because it sounds very silly. How can an email get deleted itself? Life is not a movie based on some super hacker, but you can surely send self destructing email. Yes, there are number of services in the market which would […]

4 Top Free Clipboard Managers For Mac

Regardless the fact that you have or haven’t realized the need of any clipboard manager for your Mac, I know that you need these kind of apps. These are the times when you almost every one does lot of texting and formal typing on your Mac machine. And this automatically calls for clipboard managers. Lately, […]

Top Alfred Alternatives For Windows – File / App Launcher Windows

If you have ever used a Mac, then the probability of your encounter with Alfred is very high because it is one of the most popular Mac apps. Alfred is basically an app launcher, file finder, task doer and much more. Alfred does look like a simple tool but as you spend time on it, […]

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