2 Best Ways To Make Video With Pictures For Free

They say pictures have thousands emotions captured in them and its right. Gone are the days when people used to have HUGE albums where they could preserve their photos and memories. In this new era, everything is there either on your computer or the cloud storage. I would say that may be the mode of […]

How To Downgrade iTunes 11 To 10.7 On Mac

Its not necessary that one would like an updated software every time they get to upgrade it. For instance, I did not like iTunes 11 for number of reasons. There is no doubt about the fact that it has more number of features than its previous version, but because of N number of reasons, I […]

2 Best Ways To Fix Video Lag On Windows Media Player

If you are a Windows Media Player lover, then you would surely want to continue using it regardless that you get to hear or read about it (I am talking about the bad things here). And I am sure that while you have been using Windows Media Player, you might have noticed video lag sometimes. […]

Top 3 Electronic Signature Apps Your Quick Digital Signing Needs

Paper was once the most depended upon object for no matter what task or what purpose you need it for. But, the 21st century has a progressive outlook and has given us a lot more than we could ask for in terms of a quality life full of convenience in every possible sense. Believe it […]

5 Best Alternatives To Google Reader, The Legend – Part 1

Yes, its a legend and its about to die. If you have used Google Reader, then you would be pissed, frustrated and trashed when you heard that this RSS feed service is going to stop this July. Dozens of services get terminated every month, but the termination of Google Reader is something that you won’t […]

Best Ways To Send eBooks To Kindle Wirelessly

Lately, I have shared a post on the way to transfer non Amazon books to Kindle and today, I would be sharing a couple of ways to send ebooks to Kindle wirelessly. Using a cable to send books to Kindle isn’t big of a deal but if you wish to do wirelessly, then you can go […]

How To Send Non Amazon Books To Kindle

Kindle is one of the best devices invented in the past decade, and there is no doubt about it. People who love reading, love kindle too. And these shows that it is not much different that conventional books that have been existing on the planet since so many centuries. Kindle started off as a plain ebook reader, […]

3 Best Racing Games For Mac

Its been a while that I have not shared anything on PC or Mac gaming. I have been playing a lot of games on my Android these days, and this have made me explore about Mac games also. Whether you are violent game lover, or puzzle solving gamer, racing games would surely thrill you. I […]

Best Ways To Compress PNG Files In Bulk On Windows, Mac and Ubuntu

I plan to share some great ways to compress PNG files in bulk in this article. And apparently, that is the reason you have ended onto this webpage. Instead of compressing an image individually, getting it done in bulk is always an good option (say, it should be the BEST option). And if you have a […]

4 Best Ways To Send Fax Online

This is the digital world where you want things to happen on Internet. Whether it would be shopping, metting people or learning things, you want every thing to happen online. Out of these things, if sending fax online is what you have been looking for, then you have to read this article completely. 4 Best […]

AssistantEnhancer – Tweak Siri On iPhone For More Commands

You must have heard or come across some of the Cydia apps which would add 2-3 new features to Siri making it a little bit more functional. But the thing is that why would you want to install an app which would not bring a major addition to your phone. And if you are still […]

AccountKiller – Delete Accounts On Multiple Web Services

Last week, I sat to delete my multiple accounts on the some web services like Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, iTunes. You all are aware of the efforts it takes to delete an account from a web service. So one can calculate the efforts you have to put in for deleting handful of such accounts. AccountKiller is […]

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