Best Way To Get Lyrics On Mac, iPhone, iPod – musiXmatch

Singing songs along while they are being played is always fun. If you are running on Mac, then I have shared a post on few ways to get lyrics on Mac. I hope you will find it useful. But my pursuit for good app to find lyrics on Mac automatically continued as I was still looking […]

5 Must Have Apps For Ubuntu 12.10 – Part 2

We have already shared a list on best Ubuntu 12.10 apps, and its time for the second installment. Ubuntu 12.10 is the most advanced version and is definitely being loved by the Ubuntu fans. In their opinion, its far more better than Windows 8. Anyways, we are not here to discuss the BEST OPERATING SYSTEM, infact […]

3 Best Ways To Download Songs From SoundCloud

If you love exploring music, then you would definitely agree with me that SoundCloud is one of the best ways to find unpopular, new but INCREDIBLE music. I have found number of bands and artists on SoundCloud which would just blow your mind away. And the fact that these bands are not into commercial world, you […]

4 Best Websites To Compare Price Online In India

Two or three years down the line, I do not really know if someone preferred to buy things online. But times have changed greatly, because of increased Internet awareness and improvement in online security. And the increase in online shoppers is one of the good things which have happened to India in the recent times. […]

How to Choose a Laptop for Your Business – Buy Guide

Laptops have become an essential commodity in any kind of business. The laptops are used to record company information, database, employee networking, getting clients and more. Unlike the gadget market few years back, we are now spoiled for choices. Choosing a laptop depends on various factors like laptop prices, portability, performance and durability. In this […]

DriveMax – Software To Update Drivers

Everybody has to bear the pain of updating drivers every now and then. And the fact that its very fundamental thing to do makes it a crucial part of your computer maintenance activities. DriverMax is a nifty free program which helps you update drivers of your PC hardware. It automatically detects the hardware that has been […]

How To Enable Firewall On Mac | Configure Firewall On Mac

Its no longer a myth that a Mac machine cannot be affected by virus, spam, malware or any kind of unwanted things. And as the elders have said, its better to be secured than to fix, and no wonder its completely true. But yes, Mac is relatively better than Windows in terms of security (and its my […]

How To Play Temple Run On PC And Mac

Temple Run has become one of the most successful game on the iOS and Android & this is one of the reasons why we have Temple Run 2 introduced on iOS platform recently. Although, we would soon see this game in the Android market too, but not on Windows or Mac. But, you do have […]

How To Run Android Apps On Mac

You definitely think that there is a need to run Android apps on Mac, and this is the reason you have ended on to this post. Few months back, I did share a couple of ways to run Android apps on Mac. And this compilation can be labelled as an extension to that list. Previously, I shared a […]

Must Know Features, Tips And Tricks For Chromebook

Whenever you buy a new gadget, there are a set of things that are to be done so that it can be used at its best. In this post, I would be talking about the things that should be done on your new Chromebook. This article is actually a compilation of must know features, tips […]

Free One Year License For BitDefender Internet Security 2013

BitDefender Internet Security has always been one of the top anti virus program available in the market. And if I say that it is being offered as a part of a giveaway with one year license, that would blow your mind off, right? Yes, I am talking about free one year license for Bit Defender […]

ImageMagick – Free Bitmap Image Editor

Have you been looking for a good bitmap image editor which could let you create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. If yes, then your search is over. This surely sounds quite movie-ish, but its true. ImageMagick is a complete collection of tools, libraries and utilities for working with bitmap images and it supports a lot of […]

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