20 Free Licenses Partition Magic Software – Giveaway

Some people think that partitioning hard disk is a heavy task. But that is not right, especially when you are using a partition manager. Here we are offering free licenses for a partition manager, Partition Magic Software. Its been a while that we haven’t held any giveaway. But we are, back with a wonderful partition […]

5 Must Have Free Outlook Add Ons – Part 2

Yes, its a part 2. We have previously shared 5 Free Outlook Add Ins and this post is an extension of that list. If you have used Outlook, then you would realize that its the best email client that you would ever come across. And with some useful add ons for Outlook being handy, it […]

123D Design – Create 3D Models On Mac

Here is a brand new app in the Mac App Store from the house of AutoCAD makers and its christened as 123D Design. And as the name suggest, this program is meant for creating 3D models and designs. Although its a free app, but it is capable enough to create some high quality designs. The […]

Best Fashion Designing Apps For Windows

Few months back we have shared a wonderful compilation on the best Fashion Designing Apps for Mac, and its the time for a similar list for Windows. Yes, this would be the Best Fashion Designing Apps for Windows. No wonder, computers have changed the way we think and implement. And this is a pretty simple […]

How To Share Mac Screen With Another Mac On Network

This is one of the best ways to monitor your other Mac on the network. I mean, if you want to keep an eye on what’s happening on your child’s Mac, then you can share Macbooke screen with another Mac on network. And the best part about this method that it does not involve installation […]

Basic Must Know Mac OS X Gesture Shortcuts

Lately I have been meeting quite a number of Mac owners. And I was surprised to see that many of them are unaware of most of the things that Mac is known for. In this post I would be talking about the Mac OS X gesture shortcuts. Apart from keyboard shortcuts, there are number of […]

Free Port Scanner – Scan PC Ports For Information

Free Port Scanner is a program which lets you know which ports are open and which are not. And all this happens in no time leaving you wonder, ‘How did it happen?’. This fast and robust free port scanner runs on Windows and is capable of scanning predefined port ranges within few seconds. This program […]

Plaster – Change Folder Icons On Mac

I know number of people who just love to customize their computers. If you are a Windows user, then you can easily find number of program which would let you customize your machine the way your want, but if its Mac, you would have to spend some time on Internet to try out good apps. […]

3 Best Ways To Find Free WiFi HotSpots

Everybody love free stuff and Internet is one of the top listed items in this most loved list. And if you wish to find free WiFi hotspots, then continue reading this post. As someone smart has said, ‘its all around you, you just need to open your eyes and find it’. This thing goes quite […]

How To Host Website On Dropbox For Free

Yes, you read the title right. You can easily host website on Dropbox for free. Before we start with it, I would like you to check out some amazing ways to increase your Dropbox storage for free. Assuming you have not good enough storage space available on your Dropbox account, lets talk about website hosting […]

How To Fix iTunes Error 42408 On Mac – iTunes 11 Error

Every good things come with few bad things. I am not really sure how good you think iTunes 11 is, as its totally subjective. But yes, iTunes 11 has come with number of things which would pi** you off. There are quite a good number of famous iTunes errors, and we have been sharing ways […]

How To Downgrade iTunes 11 To 10.7

Apple has recently introduced iTunes 11. It seems that Apple has introduced this as an update rather than a renewed application. And I have come across number of people who did not like iTunes 11 a bit. And all of them are looking to downgrade iTunes 11 to 10.7 or any of its previous versions. […]

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