3 Top Apps To Create Mood Based Playlists For iTunes

How many songs do you have on your iTunes library? And I ask you what percentage of them have you ever listened to? Isn’t the percentage shameful to reveal? This was the case with me, so I started to look for smart application which could do Mood based playlists for iTunes. Such apps would let […]

6 Top Free Mac Apps For Fun And To Kill Time

Apps are not just about productivity and utility, as they can prove to help you kill time too. I would like to prove the same in this post. I have compiled few Mac apps for fun and as I intended, these apps are just for fun. These fun apps for Mac are small in size, […]

7 Top Windows 8 Apps That You Must Check Out

Windows 8 is surely one of the biggest inventions by Microsoft in the recent times. This is by far the most good looking operating system ever built by Microsoft. Yes its new and the number of apps featured on Windows App Store are less when to compared to its counterparts like Android Marked and iTunes […]

How To Download Cydia Apps For Free

If you have jailbroken your iOS devices or even heard things about iPhone jailbreak, then you must be knowing about Cydia. Cydia is basically a repository where you can find apps, themes, ringtones and number of other stuff for your jailbroken iPhone. Cydia offers you the apps which are not available at Mac app store. […]

3 Top Meditation Apps For Mac

Lately, I have used a relaxation app on my friend’s smartphone which took me off my feet. When I came back to my home, the first thing I did was to find if there are any meditation apps for Mac available. I do not like sitting idle, but when I sit to relax, I make […]

4 Best iPhone Apps For Meditation

There are number of thing on this planet that money can’t buy. And this does makes immense sense when we talk about peace. If you are having an iPhone, then I would WANT you to check out this post. I have listed some of the best iPhone apps for meditation. If you are looking for […]

Top 3 Websites To Get Ideas On What To Be On Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and you must be already boiling wondering what to be on Halloween. Being from India, Halloween is one of the few things that I have always wanted to witness in my life. It is one of those days when everyone wants and tries to look the most unique and […]

5 Best Free Games For Ubuntu

We have been sharing some pretty good Ubuntu apps and tutorials with you lately. And in this post, we would sharing some cool open source Ubuntu games with you. There is a myth that Ubuntu is mostly used by geeks, but I contradict it as I know dozens of people who are not all geeks […]

2 More Ways To Limit Internet Speed On Windows

I am not bothered about the reason why you want to limit Internet speed on Windows, as it is non of my concerns. I am basically writing this post to help to restrict Internet speed. I actually stumbled on to it when I was trying to save my data plan’s bandwidth when my cousins were […]

Avidemux – Add Audio To Video

There might have been times when you wish to replace audio of a video file on a computer. For example. you have a homemade video with you and now you wish to add some music to it. In such cases or in any case where you need to add audio to video, Avidemux is a […]

Top Free RSS Readers For Ubuntu

I have shared a lot of stuff on RSS which includes a list on 5 free RSS Readers for Mac and this time I would doing the same for Ubuntu. Yes, I would be sharing few top free RSS Readers for Ubuntu. Gone are the days when Ubuntu was just meant for geeks. More and […]

CodeTwo QR Code Reader – Scan QR Codes On Windows Computer

QR code was initially started for Android devices. Its purpose was to pack some meta deta and information like phone numbers, names, addresess, and other info in the form of a code. And the only way to read it use QR Code Readers. Later, this QR Codes have started coming for iOS devices. There might […]

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