MS Paint Keyboard Shortcuts

MS Paint is surely one of the oldest and best painting or drawing tool available for computer. And knowing the shortcuts of this beautiful tool will make the whole thing more fun. In this post, I have shared the best MS Paint keyboard shortcuts. Regardless the fact if you are regular MS Paint user or […]

5 Best Free Apps For Ubuntu 12.04 – Part 1

We have shared a wonderful post on few must have apps for Ubuntu 12.04 and I would like to extend that list the below post. Before I get into this post, best free apps for Ubuntu 12.04, I would like you check the previously linked post. In this post I have actually tried to include […]

How To Fix Mountain Lion Apps Crashing

Yes, Mountain Lion OS X is the latest Mac OS X release, but just like any other program, it isn’t perfect. There are number of issues that Mountain Lion users have pointed out. One of its most bothering issues is that its apps keep crashing. We have been sharing a lot of stuff on Mountain […]

13 Best Free VPN Clients

We have once shared around 20 free VPN services. When it comes to VPN, I like to compile a huge lists as a VPN user do not mind using different services. And the fact that more and more good VPN services come up every now and then, the probability of stumbling on to a good […]

3 Best Ways To Record Facebook Video Chat

Yes, Skype and Facetime are still the most used means to do video chat, but people do not mind using Facebook video. We have shared some interesting posts on ways to record Skype videos and Factime videos, and in this post we would talking about the ways to record Facebook video chat. Unlike Skype and Facetime […]

Best File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8

I do not prefer using mouse while I am working on my machine. And I have learned that Windows 8 has a keyboard shortcut for almost every possible action. So, instead of flooding all the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts in one single post, I am trying to compile different lists of keyboard shortcuts for different […]

3 Best Ways To Record Facetime Video Calls

Facetime is one of the best apps ever introduced on iOS devices and Mac machines. Facetime users would testimony the fact that this is the best video calling app they have ever used. The image and voice quality on Facetime is incredible. Few months back when I was watching my nephew on Facetime, my mother […]

Best General Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8

We have always loved keyboard shortcuts for different operating systems, and lately we have been into a mission of sharing number of posts on Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. This post is a wonderful compilation of general keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8. The best part about this compilation is the fact that most its tasks are […]

How To Setup Picture Password On Windows 8

When I first came to know about this feature, I rushed into my brother’s room to try this feature out. “Picture Password”, this is the most innovative way to login I have ever come across. So what exactly is a Picture Password? Well, this will display you a picture (chosen by you) on the login […]

7 Top Paid Apps For Mountain Lion Mac OS

We have shared some number of interesting posts on free Mountain Lion apps and its time for some paid apps. I am a huge open source lover and prefer using a free app over a paid app, and I am proud of this philosophy. But no wonder, paid apps are some what better than the […]

3 Free Alternatives To Nero For Ubuntu

Windows being the most popular operating system on the planet, some of its apps stand out in the popularity chart and Nero is one among them. And like many popular Windows programs, Nero is also not available for other platforms. In this post we would be talking about free Nero alternatives to Nero for Ubuntu. […]

4 Best Free DJ Mixing Software For Windows

Well, it isn’t necessary that you need to have PRO tools to try out your hands on DJ Mixing. We have already shared some nice, free DJ Software for Mac. With the multiple requests from our readers, I am compiling another list on best free DJ Mixing Software for Windows. If you have an inclination […]

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