Best Instagram Browser Apps – View Instagram Photos Online

Instagram is undoubtedly a photography phenomenon in the filed of photography on smartphones. It started as an iPhone app, which developed into the most popular and powerful photography app. And after its HUGE success on iOS platform, it also got into Android market. In this post we would be talking about some good Instagram Browser. […]

Best Fashion Design Software For Mac OS X

Mac is the most preferred operating system for any artist and fashion designing is also an art. If you are into this profession, and own a Mac, then these fashion designing apps for Mac OS X will surely impress you. Fashion Designing is one of those professions, where you would not be considered good until […]

Mountain Tweaks – App For OS X Mountain Lion Tweaks

More you customize an OS, better you will find it. This is a fact which stands strong with all the operating systems. And if you have upgraded to Mountain Lion, then there is no reason that you would like all its features and would continue using them. If you feel like doing some tweaking and […]

Best Mountain Lion Notification Center Shortcuts To Launch It

Mountain Lion has 200+ new features. And out of those 200 or more new features, its Notification Center is one of the most popular features. So lets talk about different ways to access Notification Center on Mountain Lion. When I had a Windows machine, I preferred using keyboard only. But with Mac, things have changed […]

How To Install NetBeans On Ubuntu

If you are a developer and need a powerful IDE, NetBeans is completely free and one of the best options. Best of all, it is cross platform compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. Works like a charm with C / C + +, Java and PHP but also supports the odd framework, Hibernate, Spring and […]

5 Hidden Features Of Mountain Lion OS X – Part 2

Here I am back with few more Mac OS Mountain Lion secret features. I have already shared a post on Mountain Lion Hidden Features, and its time for Part 2 now. Well, secret features of any OS are not really “secret features”. The fact that such things are unknown or less popular make them get […]

Best Free Apps For Mountain Lion OS X – Part 2

Few days back, I have shared a pretty decent list of best free Mac OS X Mountain Lion apps, labelling it as Part 1. And today, I am continuing the same list. Whether it would be a smartphone or computer, it is powerless without proper applications being plugged into it. If you have recently upgraded […]

How To Create Troll Face Online

In this post, we would talking about a free online tool which would let you create troll face. You must have been noticing number of troll comic / meme rage comic. So if you have ever felt like creating one by yourself, then here is a wonderful tool. RageMaker is a free online tool which […]

How To File Transfer Mac To Windows Using Bluetooth

I am a huge Apple fan, but there are few things which I hate about Apple because I have failed to understand the reasons behind them. One of those factors is why file transfer from one Apple device to non Apple device is not possible or tricky? If you are looking for an answer to […]

5 Best Free Alternatives To Quickbooks

“Reduce your expenditure and increase your revenue.” This is THE way to run a successful business. And Quickbooks is used by many of the successful small scale businesses. It is basically a business financial software meant for small scale businesses. Quickbooks is an incredible tool which lets you organize your finances, expenses, sales, and almost […]

Best Free Mac OS X Mountain Lion Apps – Part 1

Since Mac OS X Mountain Lion is out and if you have gotten in its grove, then you must have started to look for some interesting apps to pump some more fuel into this wonder Mac machine. So, if you are in pursuit of some good and free apps for Mac OS X Mountain Lion, […]

5 Hidden Features Of Mountain Lion OS X – Part 1

Apple has recently made Mountain Lion OS X official. This brand new Mac OS offers over 200 brand new features and no wonder, there are number of secret features too. We have already shared number of secret features of Mac Lion OS and many other operating systems. Its time for Mountain Lion OS X in […]

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