How to Use Facebook’s New Group Tracking Feature

On July 11, Facebook began rolling out a new feature for Groups. The update is minor in size (you may not even realize it’s there), however the use of it may make an giant-sized difference in how you track and manage your groups. This new “seen by” feature allows Group members to instantly know who […]

Best Tips And Tricks For OS X Mountain Lion – Part 1

It has not been long that Apple has announced its latest OS, Mountain Lion. With more than 200 features, this OS has already created buzz in the technology world. Critics do suggest that this is not an extra ordinary OS. Apple has designed this OS in such a way that the users can manage their […]

Best Way To Check If Apps Are Compatible On OS X Mountain Lion

Yes, its official now. Hopefully, I would get my Mac upgraded to this newest Mac OS in a couple of days. In order to ensure that I won’t face any problem when I am switched to this new OS, I wanted to check if apps are compatible on OS X Mountain Lion. It is a […]

How To Prevent Tracking Cookies

The cookie debates, debacles, and disasters are all over the place. Especially since the hype spread by a number of agencies attempting to get rid of tracking cookies, which are essentially computer monitoring and cell phone tracking devices they claim, from our internet lives. Multinational corporations and large scale advertising agencies use these cookies to […]

4 Free Alternatives To TweetDeck For Mac

TweetDeck is one of the oldest and most popular Twitter desktop clients that have been launched so far. If you are looking for some good alternatives to TweetDeck for Mac (I am not really concerned about the reasons), then this post would prove to be helpful to you. We have shared number of “similar programs” […]

6 Best Ways To Print Instagram Photos

Instagram has undoubtedly been the best photography for iPhone and iPad. I won’t be mistaken if I label this app as one of the major distinguishing factors between iPhone and other Android smartphones. Recently, it was introduced into Android market too. And this move made Instagram the best photography app on the planet. You must […]

10 Free Apps For Instagram To Use It Better

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular photography app available. And the fact that Facebook bought it recently is testimony to this fact. If you are fan of Instagram and love using it, then you would like the below post which will allow you to use Instagram better. I have compiled a list of free apps […]

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview

Some time ago we saw the launch of the Consumer Preview of the highly anticipated Windows 8, the final version was delayed until late October. Meanwhile, Windows took care of the environment more complete new operating system, and prepare the market with the introduction of the tablet, the Windows Surface. This double confirms Windows 8 […]

i2Symbol – More Free Facebook Smileys And Twitter Emoticons

If you are one of those users who love tweeting and updating status messages on Facebook, then you would be glad to know about i2Symbol. This is a free web service which offers you with almost the things which would let you customize your tweets and Facebook status updates. Yes, I am talking about styles, […]

How To Track The Location Of Email Sender

Have you ever tried to track the location of email sender? Yes, it is like you receive an email and then you wish to find where exactly did this email come from. It isn’t any FBI level task to trace email sender. We would first find the IP address of the machine from which the […]

Best Way To Download Videos From TED In Batch

I am a huge huge fan of Long back when I was in school, I loved checking out stuff on It was an amazing experience every time I spent time there. Now I get the similar feeling when I spend time on I really do not care if you agree to me […]

Best Ways To Remove Vocals From Songs For Free

I am not really bothered why one would need to remove vocals from songs, but I am sharing number of ways to make background music from songs. Yes, if you are want make background music of songs for karaoke, then you would find this post really helpful. Below I would be sharing few number of […]

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