Best Way To Check PC Compatibility For Games Online

Sometimes reading the cover of a game does not actually tell you whether your computer would be able to run it with perfection or not. If you are running on the minimum required configuration, then the chances are there that the game would run sluggishly. And you definitely do not want to buy a game […]

How To Install Mac OS X Lion On Windows Using VirtualBox

Who said Mac OS is meant for Apple made machines only? Well, here is the way to install Mac OS X Lion on Windows using VirutalBox. Since we would be installing Lion OS on VirtualBox, you won’t be able to enable the full graphics support. Atleast you would be able to do things on your […]

4 Best Free AntiVirus For Ubuntu 12.04

With time passing, I have learned a lesson that antivirus is a must have program for every computer regardless the operating system it is working on. We have already shared number of posts on free antivirus programs for Windows, Mac, Android and now this post is about protecting Ubuntu 12.04 from virus, spam, malware, trojan […]

Swizzle – Subscribe And Unsubscribe Multiple Newsletters

Who does not like to save money? Whether it would be 5% discount or 20%, you would surely love to have that money saved. So there is always an option that you can subscribe the newsletters of your preferable services. If you do so, the chances of missing out useful mails goes really high because […]

How To Create A Music Blog

Do you think that you have a refined music taste? And do you want to share your playlist with world? Then how about having your own music blog. Yes, this post is about how to create a music blog on your own for free. Like FM is a free service which will let you create […]

3DTin – Free Online 3D Modeling Application

Well, the nameĀ 3DTin might sound a bit weird but that is how the name of every popular web apps sounds like. 3DTin is a free online 3D Modelling application. To be precise, 3DTin is a free chrome app for 3D modeling. All you need is a Google Chrome browser and you can get started with […]

5 Best Free Widgets For Mac Lion

Widgets are one of the best things offered by Mac. Once you find few useful widgets for your Mac, you will start believing that the life has gone easier. In this post, I would listing out such must have widgets for Mac OS X Lion. I have tried not to be specific and all the […]

5 Free Antivirus For Mac OS Lion And Mac OS X

Antivirus is a must have program for every computer or laptop. Gone are the days when people believed in the myth that antivirus program is not required for Unix based operating systems. But as mentioned, it is nothing else but a myth. In this post, I would listing out the best free antivirus programs for […]

5 Best Metro Style Apps For Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s latest release has been out lately and Metro user interface is one of the most incredible features offered by it. This Metro user interface replaces the conventional Start button. I have been on some forums and learned that it is more purposeful on on touch screen devices than on conventional computers. […]

Playlistify – Import Loved Tracks To Spotify

There is no doubt about the fact that the Spotify is the most popular online music service. And number of users are switching from services like, SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Rhapsody to Spotify. So, if you are switching from to Spotify, you would surely want an easy way to import loved tracks to Spotify. […]

How To Add Thumbnail Images To Multiple WordPress Posts

If you are having a blog with thumbnail pictures on the home page, then this post is for you. You must have surely thought of easier ways to add featured images to multiple posts on WordPress and I wonder if you have found any. Suppose you have recently switched from a normal styled blog to […]

Fraqtive – Free 3D Fractal Generator

Fraqtive is an open source Mandelbrot andĀ Julia family fractal generator which runs on number of platforms. Based on algorithms which are pretty fast, this free program generates high quality results. You can customize each fractal the way you want by choosing the type of fractal, modifying it, choosing the rotation angle, zoom in the way […]

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