6 Unknown Keyboard Shortcuts For MS Word

I love using keyboard and prefer using keyboard shortcuts over the traditional ways as they save so much of time and efforts. We have shared number of keyboard shortcuts on number os subjects like Ubuntu, Linux, Mac, MS Word, and other programs. In this post, I would be listing out some of the most useful yet unknown […]

Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter And Facebook

Social networking has become a part of most of the lives of the Internet users. And I know a great number of people who share an opinion of equating social networking with waste of time, but they still end up spending time on these social networks. I have listed keyboard shortcuts for Twitter and Facebook […]

How To Appear Offline To Selected People On Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking community in the Internet world and no wonder you have number of people added to your list. So, now the question comes whom do you want to see you online on Facebook chat. On IM services like Yahoo and Gtalk, you have an option to go invisible for specific […]

Keyboard Shortcuts For Internet Browsers On Windows

I love working on keyboard and does not prefer using mouse much. And there is a huge percentage of computer users who prefer completing their work using keyboard shortcuts. In this post I have listed an ultimate list of 30 keyboard shortcuts for browser. And these shortcuts will work on almost all the web browsers. […]

How Sharing Hardware Can Make the Cost of a Compuer Next to Nothing

When you run a business, the idea of having to purchase computers for everyone in your company can seem intimidating. You can relax in knowing that there are ways to share hardware, or create machines that are not really there, to help save money on your computer costs. Individuals who are looking to save money […]

Trick For Free Unlimited GPRS On Tata Docomo

Who does not like free stuff? Everyone, right! If you are a Tata Docomo user, then this is post would let you save some money every month. Oh yes, you got it right, I am talking about free Internet. This trick would let you avail free unlimited GPRS on Tata Docomo. It is a simple […]

GiftedMotion – Free Tool To Create Animated GIF Images

I have always been a huge supporter of Open Source fraternity as I do not believe in paying for something if a good enough free substitute is available for the same. And if you are looking for a free tool to create animated GIF images, then here is the tool, namely, GiftedMotion. The best part […]

6 Best Free Photo Editors For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the latest Linux distribution by Ubuntu. Its Beta version is already out and number of users have started using it on pretty big scale. The very first thing that people look for when the switch to new operating systems are alternate programs to the software they have been using on their […]

7 Best Websites To Learn Python Programming

Python has proved to be one of most popular and powerful programming language of the recent times. And I know that a big number of programmers are already into Python. And good programmers are competent enough to learn new programming languages on their own. If you have been looking for good resources to learn Python […]

7 Top How To Sites

Internet has changed the lives of billions of people on the planet earth. And yes, most of these changes have been good. Sometimes it amazes and scares me to think life without Internet. Such has been its impact on human lives. If we are not aware of any thing or want to know how a […]

How To See Stored Passwords On Firefox

When I first came to know about the fact that we can see password saved on Firefox browser, I was kind of shocked. And I am pretty sure that once you are done reading this post, you would react the same. I am not sure if this feature is a glitch or something that Firefox […]

How To Add / Enable Screensavers On Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the latest version of this incredible open source OS. And since it is new, people who are new to Ubuntu will need some help in doing few things on this machine. In this post, we would let to know how to add / enable screensavers on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. By default, […]

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