Best VoIP Services And Its Advantages

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over IP’. It is a means of communication where your voice is transmitted over the Internet. It is just like an ordinary telephone or mobile phone except that the channel of communication is your Internet connection rather than the telephone line. There are many VoIP providers today and this technology is […]

3 Best Ways To Track Stolen MacBook or Laptops

I am pretty obsessed with my MacBook and could not think of loosing it. I do not mind if you call me materialistic, but that is what my MacBook means to me. If you are like me, and want to ensure that you should be in a position track stolen / lost MacBook or Laptops, […]

Ultimate List Of Unknown Google Services

Google is THE ONLY GOD in the Internet world. Believe it or not, that is the fact that every one would agree. Can you imagine a world without Google even for a day? That would be absolute chaos, and nothing less than any nuclear outage on the planet. Google is huge and you have to […]

How To Capture Screenshot On Windows 8 Without Any Tool

Windows is now following the foot steps of Mac, where it is trying to offer almost all the basic functionalities by default. And no wonder, this would excite every Windows lover. Letting you capture screenshot without any tool is another nifty feature that would save your efforts while taking screenshots. Gone are days where you […]

4 Best Free Alternatives To Dreamweaver

When it comes to list of best tools for web developers, Dreamweaver is right up there. I wont be digging out the reasons why you would need alternatives to Dreamweaver, as it is non of anybody’s concerns. No wonder there are hundreds of reason which would make you love Dreamweaver, but people do find good […]

How To Transfer Contacts To iPhone Without iTunes

If you have been using iPhone, then the only way you knew to transfer contacts to iPhone was using iTunes. So, what if you land into a situation where you do not have iTunes on your computer and you look to copy contacts to iPhone, how would you do that? Well, go through this post […]

How To Install iPhoto On iPad, iPhone (First Generation)

If you check the official specs, you will get to know that iPhoto is meant for devices capable of running on iOS 5 or higher. So can this stop you from running iPhoto on iPad, iPhone (yes, I am talking about the first generation iPad)? Well, it wont. There is a trick which will let […]

5 Best Free Torrent Clients For Mac

If you are used to downloading stuff like movies, songs, games, books (I wonder who isn’t), you would surely look for good torrent client irrespective of the Operating System you work on. If you are looking for such free torrent clients for Mac, then you would find this post pretty useful. Macintosh is getting more […]

How To Delete iMessage Chat History On Mac OS X

iMessage has been another addition to Mac OS X which has been truly impressive. Users have been using it just like any other normal app without facing any real issues. Now, by default iMessage saves all your chat history. So, if you want to read the chat that you had with anyone on iMessage, then […]

10 Spotlight Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac OS X

Spotlight is undoubtedly one of the better things which have happened to Mac OS X. And I would be surprised to find any one who does not like using this. And with knowledge of Spotlight keyboard shortcuts, I am pretty sure that you would make the best use of Spotlight on Mac OS X. We […]

PearlMountain Photo Watermark – Free License Key Giveaway

PearlMountain Photo Watermark is a wonderful tool which lets you add watermark to your images. It helps you protect your image’s copyright by allowing you to add image watermark, text watermark or logo in batch. If you have dozens or hundreds of photographs to which you want to add watermark, then you can use Photo […]

iStumbler – Mac WiFi Scanner

Well, there isn’t a single name or term used for apps used to scan WiFi connections. They are called as WiFi Scanner, WiFi locators, WiFi sniffers, wireless network locators, and by many more names. In this particular post, we would be talking about iStumbler which is actually a Mac WiFi Scanner. Using this app, you […]

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