Top Features Of OS X Mountain Lion

I got to know about OS X Mountain Lion when I was looking for a smoother way to upgrade my Snow Leopard to Lion. And while reading about OS X Mountain Lion, I said to my self, “Holy Cow!, This is incredible!.” If you are thinking of upgrading your Snow Leopard to Lion OS X, […]

Pinterest Tips And Tricks – Complete Pinterest Guide

Pinterest is the latest bookmarking service which is getting popular exponentially. Using Pinterest, you do not bookmark things, you pin them. It lets you share anything online that you want to and is some real fun. It is just like a global bulletin board where everybody is allowed to pin stuff, provided you have an […]

Some Intresting Facts About Pinterest – Infographic

Here is latest buzz in the market namely Pinterest. Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you can share things you love. This online pinboard lets you share everything including videos, photos, quotes,gifts. And below are some interesting facts about Pinterest incorporated in an infographic actually designed by Mashable. Statistics suggest that people are now spending […]

Giveaway – Win 3 Free uCertify Kits – Free uCertify Licenses

Their tag line says it all, The fastest way to IT Certification. uCertify is one of the oldest and most experienced help available for people appearing for IT Certification. With over 98.17% pass rate, its success rate tells you half the story. So what exactly would get in an uCertify exam it for any particular […]

Best Way To Share Printer On Internet

Have you ever felt the need of printing a document using a printer located at some other place? I am sure you have. The best way you can think of is emailing the document to the other person, and he or she would take its print. Now what if you do not wish to share […]

How To Copy Music From iPod, iPhone, iPad To Computer On Windows

Have you ever wished to know if there is a way to copy music from iPod, iPhone, iPad to computer on Windows? I bet you have. And if that is the reason why you have ended up reading this page, then let me congratulate you because you reading the right post. Once you are done […]

How To Schedule Emails On Gmail

Not everybody prefers to use Outlook on their computer, and this surely compels you to comprise with so many features. One of those features is scheduling emails. I have always wished Gmail to have this feature, but officially it never came out. But now, using any of the below mentioned Firefox addons or Chrome extensions […]

How To Disable Autoplay On YouTube

I have come across this trick the day I was fed up by this YouTube feature of autoplay. Whenever you open a video on YouTube, it automatically starts playing it. This is a surely a nice feature, but when you open multiple YouTube videos in parallel tabs, this feature would annoy you big time. So, […]

5 Best Apps To Create Surveys On Facebook

If you are looking for a place where you can find the opinion of all the people you know, then its Facebook. And there is no better way than conducting surveys to know the opinions of the people. Now the question is, how to create surveys on Facebook? Well, there are number of Facebook applications […]

Spotify And Its Comptetion – Infographics

Spotify was recognized as a huge online music service while it was serving in Europe. But the moment it hit US, it started becoming a phenomena and soon, it went on making a huge market for itself. This infographic on Spotify and its competition, will bring some interesting comparison between Spotify and other online music […]

Facebook In 2012 – Infographic

From a phenomenon, Facebook has turned into a religion. An active Facebook user always finds a way to keep accessing Facebook. With an annual income of $229 million in 2009, Facebook has grown to a $1 billion company in 2011. This is unbelievably remarkable. With over 845 million active users, one can only expect Facebook […]

Best Ways To Sync Password Managers Betweem Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

It is safe and recommended to use different passwords for your different accounts. But remembering dozens of passwords will become a mammoth task to you unless you are good with your memory. I have this habit of setting different passwords for all my accounts having a similar pattern. And this helps me remembering all of […]

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