3 Free Alternatives To Angry Birds For Windows And Mac

Angry Birds is one of the most influential, loved and popular game on the planet earth and there is no doubt about this fact. Yet, if you are looking for some free alternatives to Angry Birds for Windows and Mac, then I have some good news. There have been similar games available even before Angry […]

Dupe Away – Remove Duplicate Songs On iTunes

If you own iPod or iPhone, then here is program which would prove to be of great use, Dupe Away. This program is capable of doing so many things, that take so much of efforts if you wish to work them manually. So, what exactly can you do with Dupe Away? This includes so many […]

3 Best Tips And Tricks For iCloud

iCloud has been one of the biggest inventions in the recent times. Within no time, it has managed to grow into 85 million lives. So, this surely tells how useful this Apple service is. If you have been using iCould, then this post on some of the tips and tricks for iCloud will surely let […]

How To Change IP Address On Mac And Ubuntu

Why would one want to change the IP address of his computer? Well, the reason could be many but they are none of my concerns. Here we are, sharing methods to change IP address on Mac and Ubuntu. Unlike Windows, doing few things on Mac and Ubuntu are tricky. And the only reason justifying it […]

How To Use iCloud As Dropbox

Trust me, there are number of uses who still prefer using Dropbox over iCloud. And no wonder, the way Dropbox lets you store and access files is truly user friendly. Although, there has been no official word if iCloud can be used the same or not, but we have definitely found a way out. Yes, […]

How To Change IP Address On Windows 7

If you are working on Windows 7, and you need to change / renew IP address, then it is quite possible. Yes, you can easily do it even if you are not good with computers. In order to renew IP address on Windows 7, you can blindly follow the below steps as it is fool […]

What Kind of Data to Ask for in a Subscription Form

When you run an opt-in form to gather subscribers for your newsletter, you might be tempted to include a lot of questions in it. This is a huge mistake! You might think that an opt-in form is a great way to gather valuable data about your users but this certainly isn’t so. It is a […]

9 Best Free Alternatives To Megaupload

Megaupload has shutdown and I am sure that there are number of people looking for Megaupload alternatives. There must be a pretty huge group of people looking for some respite as they have paid for their Megaupload premium accounts. And there isn’t much I can do for that bunch of people in terms of payback. […]

How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crash On Google Chrome

I am a huge fan of Google Chrome, but as the universal law says, nothing on planet earth is perfect, so is Google Chrome. If you have been using Chrome, then must have been aware of the Shockwave Flash crash issue. Yes, I am talking about the issue when all the Flash content based websites […]

5 Best Alternatives To Picnik

Yes, its official now. Picnik is going off the charts from April 19, 2012. I am not sure, why Google is discontinuing its online photo editing service, and shall rather not comment on it. So, before it goes out of service, how about checking out some of the good Picnik alternatives so that you have […]

Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Any Media Player – Media Player Hotkeys

I have number of media players installed on my computer and I use most of them. I watch movies on VLC player and Windows Media Player (while working on Windows), listen to music on iTunes and few other media players for radio. But one thing which bugs me most is the shortcuts. Each media player […]

Movavi – Video Converter for Mac

Movavi Video Converter for Mac is a one stop solution for the people who are looking for a powerful, user friendly tool to convert and audio on their Mac and play them on your devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Samsung, etc. One of its best known features is its conversion speed. […]

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