3 Best Free Racing Games For iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch

This post is dedicated to all the racing game lovers around the world. If you own an iPad or iPad 2 or iPhone and are looking for good free racing games for your tablet PC / smartphone, then you would surely like this post. There are thousands of free games on iTunes Store, and finding […]

Stop iTunes From Opening Automatically When iPod / iPhone Plugged

Whenever I plug in my iPod to computer, it launches iTunes. Honestly speaking, I do not have a major issue with it but yes, sometimes I do try to see if there is a way to stop iTunes from opening automatically when iPod or iPhone is plugged in Windows system. Steps To Stop iTunes From Opening […]

How To Disable USB Ports On Windows

Why would you want to disable USB ports? Well, if you are working on some extremely confidential data, and are worried that some one might pull all your data, then simply disable USB ports or lock USB ports. This wont ensure you that you data is safe, but this would surely help you protecting your […]

Lock And Unlock And Windows PC Using Pen Drive

Were you looking for a better and safer way to lock and unlock your Windows computer? I have always thought if there is a way to lock my computer the conventional way I lock my home. Yes, with a lock and key. This sounds silly, but this post is about the similar way to lock […]

3 Best Ways To Create QR Code Business Cards For Free

In these times of super heavy competition in each and every market, if you want others to notice you, then you have to have something which acts as a differentiator. So lets talk about having a unique business card, and how about a QR code business card. If you offer you business card to somebody, what […]

Giveaway – CollageIt For Mac Free License Keys

Here is a giveaway of CollageIt for Mac which is actually a photo collage maker for Mac OS X. This is an amazing tool for your Mac, if you are looking for an easy, simple and faster way to create collages. The latest version of CollageIt supports drag and drop feature to add photos to […]

10 Best Free Games For Chrome Browser

Chrome as a browser is becoming more popular. This could be related to the fact that the browser now boasts a well-designed web apps store. And Chrome Web Store is an amazing addition by Google which did only good to this web browser. We have compiled a list of 10 best free games for Chrome browser […]

15 Keyboard Shortcuts For Outlook

If you use MS Outlook daily in and out, then knowing few keyboard shortcuts for Outlook would surely help. Well, keyboard shortcuts are meant to things easier, and that is why people get used to it. No doubt that like any other software, MS Outlook has also got so many shortcuts but we have listed […]

How To Reset Apps On iOS

What would you do if you find issues with apps on your iOS device? Had it been a normal device, I would say that, “I would reset apps on iOS.” And technically speaking, that is how this whole thing should work. Instead of scratching your head and thinking what possibly could be wrong, the best […]

5 Best Tips To Use SIRI On iPhone 4S

SIRI is one of best features ever offered by Apple. SIRI is the digital assistant on your iPhone 4S which is basically a voice command based voice assistant. There are number of features which make SIRI quite amusing. The fact that it lets you have pointless conversation with it is one of those incredible features. […]

7 Best Free Cydia Apps For iOS 5 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

We know that iOS 5 has already hit the iOS devices and if you did the jailbreak of your iOS 5, then you need some good Cydia apps to pimp in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Well, iOS 5 has more than 200 new features. Few of these features have never been offered by […]

Must Know Features Of iOS 5

Apple has recently announced the release of new iOS 5, the most advanced mobile operating system yet. And from 12thOctober, users have been allowed to download it for free.  It is expected that next versions of iPhone would come with iOS by default. The iOS devices which could be fueled with this new “major release” […]

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