How To Install Fonts On Ubuntu Linux

If you have been working on Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10 and looking to install fonts on Ubuntu, here is some help for you. We would be telling you the straight forward steps to go ahead and install Ubuntu fonts. There is one simple command which will let you install Microsoft Windows Fonts on […]

5 Essential Things To Be Done After Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of most powerful and popular flavors of Linux. So, if you are trying it out and have just got it installed on your computer, then there are few essential things to be done after installing Ubuntu. No doubt, these things would make Ubuntu perform better in so many aspects. And whatever that […]

3 Best Ways To Record Screen On Mac

Now finding a tool to capture a screenshot from Mac is not such a difficult task. In fact, you do not need any third party tool. We have already told you about how to capture screenshots on Mac. Here, we would be talking about the ways to record screen on Mac or can we say […]

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Free License Key

Kaspersky is the biggest name in the market of anti virus products. And I wont be wrong if I label it as the best in the business. Here is your chance to download Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 with free license for 2 months. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is the latest product and has so much […]

3 Best Free Alternatives To MS Office For Mac

Microsoft Office is not a free package for any platform. But one could easily come across a MS Office giveaway for Windows, but finding the same for Mac is not an easy task. So how about its alternatives? Yes, rather than going for MS Office, you can look out for free alternatives to MS Office […]

How To Install Software On Windows Without Admin Access

Yes, it is quite true that you cannot install apps on a OS without admin rights. But, there are a couple of ways which can be tried to check you can install programs on Windows without admin access. No, these are not hacks as we wont be doing anything with the system files. It is […]

How To Start Up Mac OS X In Safe Mode

If you thought Safe Mode is something that only Windows OS has to offer, then you are mistaken. Let us help you to start up Mac OS X in Safe Mode. Similar to Windows, you need to play with the keyboard in order to run Mac OS in Safe Mode. So lets get started. But […]

How To Fix / Recover / Repair MS Outlook PST Files

MS Outlook is like THE MOST POPULAR email client that is being used all over the planet. Well, the reasons are may and yes, we wont be talking of those reasons. In fact, we would be talking how to fix / repair PST files. If you are not aware of what PST files, are then […]

Why Microsoft Should Make an Android App for OneNote

While I have grown up with Windows products my entire life, I’m willing to admit that not all of their software is sexy or even functional. Particularly in the past, there have been some serious letdowns and awkward interfacing that just leaves you scratching your head or cursing. However, especially with the new 2010 version, […]

How To Convert WebCam To Spy Cam

Spy Cams are like one of the best way to keep an eye on the things happening at the place when you are not there. We can convert webcam to spy cam without any sort of extra hardware installations. In fact it is for free. The only drawback would be unlike other professional spy cams, […]

How To Sync Subtitles, Audio and Video In VLC Player

Everybody face this problem with almost every media player that either audio lags video, video lags audio or both lag sub titles. If you have been using the VLC Player, then here is the way to sync subtitles in VLC Player and you can use the same steps to sync audio and video in VLC […]

How To Generate Virtual Credit Card Number For Different Banks

Internet is equally dangerous as it is useful to any user. Since you get exposed to the whole Internet world, there are very high probabilities of you getting exploited by the ugly community of spammers and hackers on Internet. And this makes you to be extra cautious when it comes to online shopping. All the […]

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