Groovylists – Import Playlists From Spotify To Grooveshark

If you want to switch from Spotify to Grooveshark, here is an amazing way to get import you Spotify playlists. Groovylists is a free web service which lets you import playlists from Spotify to Grooveshark. Not just this, you can use this service to import your playlists from and iTunes XML playlists too. All […]

4 Best Free Automatic Spotify Playlist Generator

It is not always necessary that you need to create your own Spotify playlists. There are number of websites available on Internet which are basically automatic Spotify Playlist Generator. So based on the band or artist name you like, these services provide you with the playlists automatically. It is not always that this is the […]

Best Ways To Switch To Old Facebook Chat

If you believe that the new Facebook chat is sucks, then I second that. There are many reasons why one would like to switch to old Facebook chat. New Facebook chat displays you with both the friends who are online as well as offline, which is completely pointless. Apart from that, most of us did […]

Easy Ways To Fix iPad WiFi Problems Of Signals

It is quite true that any tablet PC would lose half its charm and utility if it is not connected to Internet. And if you use WiFi, I am sure that you would look ways to fix issues so that you get better WiFi signals. Here, we would be talking about easy ways to fix […]

5 Useful USB Drive Tricks Every PC User Should Know

Do you own a USB thumb drive? I bet you have more than one of them lying around. So why not use them to boost your productivity on the go, keep your data safe, and even rescue Windows. Here are five useful USB thumb drive tricks for you to check out. 1. Access your favorite […]

5 Best Secret Features Of Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X has hit the market and people are just loving it. So, if you have started off with Lion, then you must be knowing that there is so much to explore. Apple has already announced that there are huge number of additions to this new version of Mac OS X. We would be […]

How To Share Spotify Playlists On Facebook

Yes, the present world is bitten and smitten by Facebook. People have started sharing so much of stuff on Facebook, then why not tell the world you are listening to. Yes, if you want to share Spotify playlists on Facebook, then you can do that without any third party tool. Because of the Facebook effect, […]

10 Best Sites To Share Spotify Playlists

After doing impressive business in Europe, Spotify has hit the US market now. And no wonder, expectations are high. People have already started loved this wonderful music streaming service. And if you have started using it, then you might have already started looking for means to share your Spotify Playlists. There are number of web […]

How To Find Who Is Connected To Your WiFi Connection

If you are using a WiFi router, then I know you would always be worried who is connected to your WiFi connection no matter how secure your whole setup is. This question always pops up in your head if you are using a WiFi connection to connect your devices to Internet. There is tool namely, […]

How To Install Swype On iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

If you have been using Android, then I am sure you might have heard of Swype which proves the fact that it is one of the most used app on Android. If you are not aware of Swpye, so here is some information. This is actually a free Android app which kills most of your […]

How To Turn Off Your Facebook Likes

It is completely an individual’s preference if he wants to show people his or her Facebook likes. If you are not fine with it, then this post would be useful for you. And if you are fine with it, you can still read this post as information never goes to waste. So you need not […]

Kaspersky Trail Reset Tool – Extend Kaspersky Antivirus Trail Free

When you install any software on your Windows, it makes a registry entry on your computer. This is the reason that when you install any of the Kaspersky antivirus product on your computer, you fail to use it beyond 30 days even if you uninstall and install it again as the registry entry already exists […]

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