3 iPhone Apps To Use iPhone As Remote Control

Using the iPhone as a remote control is a truly interesting idea. These tools let you manage your computer and the programs installed on it, with ease and that to when you are away from it. Then I leave the choice of three applications to turn your iPhone into a remote control the easiest way […]

7 Best Ways to Store and Share Pictures Online

Photos are all about capturing your happy times and are precious possessions to the one whom they belong to. They make you laugh, cry and drag you to good old times. So, if you respect such pictures and wish to store and share pictures online with great ease. Best Ways To Store And Share Picture […]

3 Best Free iTunes Alternatives For Linux

iTunes is available for Mac and Windows platforms only. Now this could be a market rivalry or a part of Apple’s strategy. Apple always has super strong disliking towards other OS than Mac and that is obvious because that is how you build a market. But it could stop itself from developing the Windows version […]

3 Best Free Partition Managers For Windows, Mac, Linux

No matter how HUGE is the size of your hard disk, but a time would always come when you would fact the space crunch issue which would make you look for good partition software. So, here are 3 best free Partition Managers for Windows, Mac and Linux. A good Partition Manager is a package which […]

Keyboard Shortcuts For Internet Explorer 9

If you are an Internet Explorer lover, then you would love this ultimate list of keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9. All these shortcuts are so very useful that it would save so much of your time while you are browsing Internet on IE 9. Keyboard Shortcuts For Internet Explorer 9 F1 – Display help. […]

3 Best Tools To Compress Images Online

Compressing images is one of the basic thing most of the Internet users do every day. There are number of tools available on Internet which let you shrink images, but what if you want this to happen online. So, we have compiled a list a few tools to compress images online. These are basically the […]

How To Hide Facebook Questions

Facebook Questions is the one of the latest features on Facebook. Now, this is a powerful feature for many of the Facebook users. But if you are one of those users, who do not want questions to be displayed on the wall, then you have the option to disable / hide Facebook questions. Disable / […]

3 Best Free Alternatives To Live Writer For Mac

Windows Live Writer is undoubtedly the best desktop blog editing tool available. But the fact that it is a Microsoft product, makes all the users of other OS stay stranger to it. So, we have compiled a list best free alternatives to Live Writer for Mac. All the desktop blog editing tools for Mac are […]

7 Broadband Apps for the iPhone

Here is a list of great and very useful broadband apps to get on your iPhone, whether it is the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 4. Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test This app is designed for people to see how fast the network on their iPhone is. In addition to your network speed, this app also […]

How To Overclock iPhone / iPod Touch

What exactly do you mean by overclocking iPhone? Well, Apple is used to limit the performance of its own device. Whether it would be processor speed or volume, iPod and iPhone are limited to perform to what they are capable of. May be, that is one of the secret behind the Apple devices’ better performance. […]

5 Best Dropbox Alternatives

No wonder, Dropbox is the best way to share files and folders online. So just like this online file sharing service, if you are looking for Dropbox alternatives which work on similar cloud based technology, then we have compiled a list for you. We have shared a lot of Dropbox stuff with you already but […]

AVG Internet Security 2011 Free License Key Full Version

Here is a giveaway which lets you avail free license key for AVG Internet Security 2011 for full version. This promotional offer lets you avail free license for 3 months. AVG Internet Security 2011 is a complete solution to protect your computer from virus, spam, rootkits, Trojans and other unwanted stuff. With features like identity […]

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