3 Best Sticky Notes Apps For Linux

Sticky Notes is one of those features of Windows 7 which have impressed users big time. I have a friend who is a complete Linux fan, and always prefer working on Linux machines than any other. But, once he used Sticky Notes on Windows 7, he wished if he had similar Sticky Notes apps for […]

3 Best Ways To Get Free Dropbox Storage Space

Dropbox is the best file sharing service on Internet. This works on cloud computing and you would love it once you start using it. The fact that it does not take much of time to start using it makes Dropbox the best way to sync files, folders across any computer provided you have an Internet […]

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7

Since few days, we getting a lot to read about Windows 8. We got to see the new interface, new task bar design, any many other new features. But only time would prove if it is actually true or not. But, I find nothing wrong in assuming these things to be true and using Windows […]

Best Ways To Free Up Disk Space In Windows 7

Its not the easy user interface that makes Windows 7 the most loved, popular and powerful operating system of the recent times. There are number of other features which make Windows 7 worth using. It offers you with number of ways to free up disk space in Windows 7 without installing any third party applications. […]

3 Best Ways to Save / Back Up Data Online for Free

Online backup is a lot more than just backup, it a time and data management tool in its own right, and many services have powerful features which can help synchronize your data across multiple PCs, allowing you to stream your media from a Smartphone and allow others to download selected files and folders using a […]

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.41 Free Download Full Version

Here is a giveaway from CHIP Magazine. This promotional offers you with full version DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.41 free download which actually costs around €99.90. DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced is the best virtual CD/DVD/ Blu-ray emulating software which is loved all over the world. This DAEMON Tools lets you create 32 virtual images and […]

How To Unlock iPhone 4 Without Jailbreaking

If you think jailbreak is the only option to make your iPhone 4 run on any carrier network that you want, then you are mistaken. There are ways to unlock iPhone 4 without jailbreaking. One is to use a magical SIM unlocker and the other is to get the IMEI of your iPhone whitelisted. METHOD […]

3 Best Free Online PowerPoint Alternatives

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular tool to create slides and presentation. But have you ever been into a situation when you do not have MS PowerPoint installed on the computer but you need to create some presentations. What would you do in such case? Look for installable of PowerPoint so that you can get […]

How To Sync USB Flash Drive With Dropbox

Dropbox is an amazing cloud storage service which has totally changed the way Internet users carry their data. And if used smartly, Dropbox can prove to be one of those services which do not have any alternative. You can use it to save your files, backup your smartphones, storage means on Android, sync iTunes, backup […]

How To Jailbreak iPad / iPhone iOS 4.3.1 Using Redsn0w

We have shared number of guides to jailbreak iOS devices. This post is on jailbreak iPad / iPhone iOS 4.3.1 using Redsn0w. Apart from Redsn0w, Pwnage Tool  is another jailbreak tool which helps you to root your iPad / iPhone. Things To Have Download Redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 for Windows Download Redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 for Mac OS X […]

How To View All Your Facebook LIKES

Facebook has become one of those phenomenon that every one affected by. And people have so much to find on Facebook. So, if you looking to find and view all your Facebook LIKES, then we have got a smooth and quick solution. LikeJournal is a free web service which uses your Facebook credentials to login […]

How To Resize Address Bar In Firefox 4

No wonder Firefox 4 is the most powerful version of Firefox web browsers. But there are some features, which do annoy any users. The size of its address bar is one of those things. So, we would be telling you how to resize address bar in Firefox 4. Resize Address Bar In Firefox 4 Once […]

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