How To Remove / Block Ads On Windows MSN Live Messenger 9

This is not a MSN Messenger trick. This is infact a free program which lets you remove / disable / block ads on Windows MSN Live Messenger 9, A Patch.   This program, A Patch offers you with over 80 options to block the ads on Windows MSN Live Messenger. And before you actually apply […]

5 Best Alternatives To PayPal

PayPal has been an amazing medium to handle funds online. Whether it would be buying online, selling goods or service online, or any other money transaction ways, PayPal was there to serve you. Since past few months, PayPal has been a serious pain especially in Asian countries. Few months back they have actually terminated their […]

How To Create And Delete New Folders In iPad / iPhone 4

If you are using iPad or iPhone 4 or any other iOS device then you must have tried to create folders. Yes, we are talking about creating, organizing and managing folders on iPad / iPhone 4. The best part about the upcoming tutorial is that you do not need any third party app to create […]

How To Block Ads On Hulu

Hulu is one of the best and most popular online multimedia streaming service. If you are a regular Hulu user, then no doubt you hate the ads on it. So, have you ever wondered ways to remove / block ads on Hulu? So regardless the web browser you use to access Hulu, we have got […]

Merge / Split PDF Files On Linux and Ubuntu | PDF Shuffler

Here is a free app for Linux which lets you merge / split PDF files on Linux or Ubuntu, namely PDF Shuffler. This free Linux program is a great option for the users who work on PDF files. PDF Shuffler is an application based on python-gtk used to merge or split PDF files and also […]

How To ZIP Files On Mac OS X

Why do you actually need a ZIP file? Well, it is a great way to compile up all the things together that you wish to share via mail or messenger. And if you are working on a Mac OS, you be skeptical about its creation. So, we bring you the step by step guide to […]

[ Giveaway ] Free IP Privacy VPN Proxy License Keys – Privacy Pro

IP Privacy is an amazing tool by Privacy Pro which ensures your security on Internet. As the name indicates, IP privacy lets you browse web sites on Internet anonymously.  Yes, this tool is a VPN proxy service which makes sure that your identity is safe while you are on Internet. Now, you can avail free […]

How To Fix iTunes Error 50

Have you ever encountered an iTunes Unknown Error –50? Here are few ways to fix iTunes Error 50. We have shared ways to repair iTunes error, and here is one more if you are trying to find a fix for it. There was an error downloading your purchased music. An unknown error occurred (-50) As […]

Fix Loading List Of Notebooks Failed Error 500 Of OneNote On iPhone

OneNote Mobile is the latest mobile app, specially meant for iPhone is by far the best note taking app available. Its easy to use features, friendly interface, synching features make OneNote Mobile THE muse have app for iPhone users. Now, here is an error that most of the users are facing. Yes, we would talk […]

How To Install XBMC On iPad, iPhone 4

XBMC is an incredible media centre package while lets you organize, manage and view videos, photos, podcasts and listen music. Now, XBox Media Centre is out with its app for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV 2G. So we have come out with the tutorial to install XBMC on iPad or iPhone 4. Install XBMC On […]

How To Fix iTunes Error 3259

Did you ever encounter iTunes error 3259? Then here are few ways to fix iTunes Error 3259. This is one of those iTunes Errors which are not much talked about. Here are some of the occurrences of this error: There was an error downloading your music (-3259) iTunes could not connect to the Store. An […]

How To Install XBMC On Apple TV 2G

XBMC Media Centre is a powerful, free and open source media player. This cross platform media player is a complete package which lets you organize and view videos, photos, podcasts and music. Now, XBMC is available for iOS devices too. So, we come out with the tutorial to install XBMC on Apple TV 2G. Insall […]

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