Selectively Display / Hide Icons and Notifications in the Windows System Tray

Windows 7 hides many of the system tray icons in its standard settings and only displays entries of the default programs. A longer display time would be desirable for specific actions. You can modulate the specifications of your requirements accordingly and that too separately for each program. You can customize the notifications area of task […]

How to do Customized Numbering for Pages in one Single Word Document

In addition to the table of contents, large documents often require special or different numbering for different pages of a single document. For example, the page numbers start only after the cover page or the table of contents has Roman numbers. The customized numbering of word documents helps provide better indexing of the file. Microsoft […]

IsoBuster – Read, Recover / Rescue Media Data from Damaged CD / DVD / HD-DVD / Blu-Ray

IsoBuster is a very powerful optical media data recovery software for homes and offices. It is packed with powerful data recovery features that can rescue data from damaged CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray media too. You can get back lost data like important documents, pictures or videos from optical media that are partially scratched, rewritable […]

How to Transfer / Export Registry Optimizations to Other Computers – Back Up and Restore Registry Changes

A PC can be optimized for your own intended use by making changes in the registry. We discussed a lot of Registry tweaks and edits which will unlock new features in your Operating System or customize the Windows Xp, Vista or Windows 7.   What if you want to transfer registry optimizations quickly and easily on […]

OtsTurnTables – Free Virtual DJ Software – Mp3 Music Mixer

OtsTurntables is a free virtual MP3 mixing DJ software. The application can help wannabe DJs learn music mixing or music lovers to listen to professionally mixed MP3 music. It features DJ turntable functions such as scratch, tempo, pitch, play backwards, mixing and a lot more. The program also features an Auto DJ mode which can […]

How to Re-Create Classic Start Menu in Windows 7

While the classic start menu is optionally available in Vista, Windows 7 does not have this option at all. It is thus confusing for beginners who have only used XP so far. You can convert a different start menu element to a classic start menu with a trick. This way, you can access the programs […]

PDF Creator – Create PDF Files from any Application.

PDFCreator is free PDF creating utility which adds itself as a printer and can also be installed as an add-on for the internet browser. It is a very impressive software for those looking for a speedy and inexpensive PDF convertor. The program has a plain interface with simple and straight-forward menus. When a print command […]

How to Hide your Entire Hard Drive / Partition from My Computer

You have loads of data on your computer which needs to be cleverly hidden away from your family members or office colleagues. How do you hide all the data in the Hard Disk? Software such as folder lockers, encryption utilities and others do a decent job, but is a costly method and leaves traces. We […]

How to Seamlessly Toggle between Minimized Windows

When working with multiple windows minimized on the taskbar, it can be troublesome to switch between windows one after the other, especially when they are grouped and hidden one behind the other. Windows 7 groups several folders together, but you have the option to disable this feature. Right-click on the taskbar and select properties. You’ll […]

Deactivate / Turn Off Unnecessary Windows Functions & Features to Speed Up your System

Vista loads a whole lot of functions and system programs on the hard disk during the installation. Many of them are never used but still take up space and possibly even system capacity. This reduces the performance of the system. We already discussed about different Ways to increase performance of Windows Vista. You can deactivate […]

How to Avoid a Password Prompt after Resuming from Power Saving / Sleep mode

It can be irritating to be prompted for a password each time your system resumes from the power-saving mode or when it goes to sleep mode. How do you disable this function? To access this control, you’ll have to dig into the Power Options of the system. The procedure to avoid password prompt after resuming […]

How to Use the Presentation Mode – Mobility Center on a Desktop PC in Windows 7

We can enable the presentation mode on Windows 7 laptop, but what If you want to use this feature on desktop PC? Where do you find it and how do you enable it? The Mobility Center is available on all Windows 7 versions, irrespective of whether the operating system is running on a laptop or […]

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