How to Reactivate the Inoperative Help and Support Center in Windows

The Windows help and support center which could be called up via the ‘Help and support’ option in the Start menu had always proved to be very convenient. And then it suddenly stopped functioning without any apparent reason. You can solve this problem and the function can mostly be resurrected via the command line. The procedure […]

How to Stream Music from Windows 7 – Share Media on Wireless Network

You can listen to your favorite music without having to carry your laptop everywhere by sharing your music library on a wireless network. Here is a tutorial to show how to stream music from one laptop to another. Using this method digital media such as videos and pictures can also be accessed from anywhere easily. […]

Fences – Organize Desktop Icons into Groups – Find Applications Easily

Desktop shortcuts are invariably the fastest way of accessing files, programs and applications. Too many and you will literally be searching for a particular file. Thankfully with the application Fences installed you will be able to organize all your desktop items and hide your icons when they are not in use. This effective free desktop […]

How to Integrate Folders as Menus into Quick Launch Bar of Windows

The extendable Quick-Launch bar offers direct access to important programs. However, more the number of applications is added to it, the more confusing it gets. The time advantage is lost in the effort spent on searching for the right program. Set aside My Computer as an independent task bar on the desktop. By integrating the […]

Maintain, Optimize, Repair & Secure your Operating System – Rizone’s Power Tools

Rizone’s Power tools is just a collection of simple shortcuts to Windows’s very own system utilities. It is a suite which helps you administrate, maintain, optimize, repair and secure your operating system and hardware using a single application. The application comprises of complete useful utilities one would use every day on a computer at office […]

Set Reminder for Blank / Empty Subject Field for Mails in Outlook

Sometimes when we send mails, we may forget to mention the subject in the mail.  The blank subject line must be avoided as much as possible to follow email etiquette. Especially when you write official mails, Subject should be mentioned as it is one of the important parts of a mail.  Using a small tip, […]

How to Set Up & Share an Internet Connection in Windows

The great thing about Internet Connection Sharing on Windows is that you can use networked computers to share a single connection to the Internet. In short, if you already have a group of connected computers i.e., Local Area Network, for example you could take a single Internet connection from an ISP and be able to […]

Arch Linux – Minimal, Lightweight, Flexible & Easy to Use Linux Distribution

Arch Linux is a lightweight, flexible and simple Linux Distribution which is targeted at competent GNU/Linux users. Its Development focuses on a balance of minimalism, elegance, code correctness and modernity. It provides a minimal environment upon installation, (no GUI), already compiled and optimized for i686/x86-64 architectures. We already discussed about a lot of Linux Distros […]

How to Determine Safe Senders List for Junk Filters Automatically in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, the Junk email filter protects the inbox from undesired messages or mails. To improve its efficiency, You can maintain a ‘Safe senders’ list so that messages from colleagues, friends and acquaintances do not wrongly end up in trash. This helps you to diversify the mails easily and the MS-Outlook  settings can be […]

How to Mount Individual Folders like Disk Drives

Drives can be mounted using the disk management tool in such a way that their content appears in one folder. If you are wondering how to mount individual like this. You can do this without any disk management tool as they only recognizes whole drives. You can use a Windows System Internal command line tool […]

How to Use Old USB Hardware Devices with No Drivers Support with Windows 7 / Vista

If you have very old USB Hardware devices like scanner, printer, etc., which are working fine, but for which there are no Vista and Windows 7 drivers any more. You don’t need to buy a new one and can easily use your old USB devices, for which there are no latest  drivers for Windows 7 […]

Reduce / Suppress Excessive Usage of Printer Colors – Manage Color Profiles

Photo tools often print incredibly colorful pictures by using a lot of printer color. Uninstalling or changing the tool doesn’t stop the wastage of color. With a small tweak, You can easily reduce this excessive usage of printer colors. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a very extensive color management, which is as much responsible […]

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