You Recorder – Record / Capture Screen In Real Time 3D Game On PC

YouRecorder is a free program that is used to record video games and also the activities of the PC screen. You can record pc games, flash games, webcams, activity programs, windows and that you generally do everything on your computer screen. This program has good ability to encode quickly and records at high quality. It […]

How To Find Hidden .FLV Flash Video Stream URL

Here is a tool to find hidden .FLV flash video stream URLs namely URL Helper which is basically a URL finder. This an amazing free tool which can be used to find out the links or video URLs of the flash videos from various web sites so that you an download them on your computer. […]

How To Make / Create Your On Ringtones On Android Mobile Phones

Ringdroid is a free Android app (Ringtone Maker) which lets you make / create your own ringtones on your Android mobiles phones like Nexus One, Motorola Droid and other. Ringdroid is one complete Android bases ringtone maker in every sense. This Android Ringtone Maker lets you load any audio file in it and view its […]

Dragon Dictation – Free Voice / Speech Recognition App For iPhone

Dragon Dictation is a free voice / speech recognition application for Apple iPhone.This free speech recognition tool lets you handle your iPhone with your voice. With this iPhone application, you can dictate emails, text messages, blog posts and every other activity for which you need keyboard. Using Dragon Dictation is amazingly easy as it offers […]

How To Fix Cannot Open The File Error On Windows 7 And Vista

There are times when you face but cannot fix Cannot Open The File error when you try opening any unrecognized file on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. There are files which were accessible earlier and suddenly Windows 7 shows them as unrecognized files. Cannot Open The File type of errors generally occur do to a […]

CdCoverCreator – Create Your Own Custom Labels And Covers For CDs and DVDs

CdCoverCreator is a powerful tool that lets you create covers for your CDs and DVDs. This is an easy to use tool which hardly consumes your effort and time. Regardless the content of your CD or DVD, this tool namely, CdCoverCreator lets you to create your covers, inlays, labels, and even booklets. Through a well […]

How To Insert Images / Pictures In Emails In Gmail

If you thought we cannot insert images / pictures in our email with normal text in Gmail, then you were wrong. Gmail Labs offer you with some of amazing features that any other mail service does not offer. By default Gmail does not offer any way to insert an image into the body of the […]

BitTyrant – Fastest Free Torrent Client

If you are looking for a free and fast torrent client, then you should try BitTyrant which is said to be 70% faster than most of the other torrent clients. BitTyrant is more like a modified and improved version of very famous torrent client namely, Azureus. BitTyrant automatically choose peers to extract maximum bandwidth in […]

Google Buzz Desktop – Desktop Client for Google Buzz

Google Buzz Desktop is a free adobe air desktop client for Google Buzz. Google recently launched Google Buzz, an upgrade in GMail that lets you share photos, videos, and start conversations about the issues that you want. Google Buzz Desktop is a client Buzz Google based on Adobe AIR brings the new feature of GMail […]

Blurip – Covert / Rip Bluray Videos To mkv Format In One Click

Blurip is a portable opensource program which lets you convert/ rip bluray video formats to mkv formats in just one single click. Since this video conversion is a complex process, this program requires few third party tools. But the best part is that this program namely, Blurip itself installs these tools which include AviSynth, Haali […]

Free Image Manipulator – Resize, Convert, Add Tags,Watermarks, Text, Signatures To Pictures In Batch

Free Image Manipulator is a free program which lets you resize, convert, add Tags, watermarks, text, signatures to pictures / images in batches at once. If you are having huge number of pictures / images, and you want to add watermarks or resize them, then this free tool lets you complete your task in an […]

Mp3tag – Add / Edit Tags To aac, flac, ape, mp3, mp4, mpc, ogg, wma, iTunes

MP3tag is a free metadata editor which lets you change and add tags and metadata information to almost all the audio formats which include aac, flac, ape, mp3, mp4, mpc, ogg, wma, iTunes. Metadata is not just the basic information about any audio file, in fact it plays a major part in the many data […]

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